Like holy shit these are videos that a toddler would watch. Are westerners really this dumbened?

You have to be willing to insult yourself just by browsing trending. Thumbnails consist of people opening their mouths and making the dumbest looking expressions. And to think this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Arsen6331 ☭

it seems like there is just something lacking here

There is. It’s a good school system. Rather than teach kids properly, they’ve turned school into obedience training, where kids are taught to submit blindly to authority. After that, you go to college, where some admissions officers old, white idiots decide whether they like you enough and whether you’ll earn them enough money to justify granting you a piece of paper that might potentially give you a job, after forcing you to pay insane amounts of money for classes you don’t need. It stresses and traumatizes people so much, that they don’t even want to learn anything. Instead, they just want to watch shallow content all day, because if they hear something interesting that they don’t know, they’re reminded of their past learning experience, reminded of the teachers implying that they’re stupid and will never amount to anything, or even saying that to them directly, reminded of being bullied and having the adults do nothing, or even siding with the bully when they spoke up. I believe this is very intentional. If people learn too much, they might realize something is wrong with capitalism and then become socialists. Therefore, they must learn by the book exactly or not learn at all. This is what school and college teaches kids in the US. To learn exactly by the book, and always obey authority.

Agree all the way. School is just bullshit. We learn to obey and get used to exploitation.

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