I really want to know why I got this recommended, on a music-related video of all places. Do they not know who I subscribe to?

EDIT: Here’s the video (it’s a US soldiers coming home compilation).

Camarada Forte

It’s what you expect of YouTube, a propaganda machine. I got suggested numerous times videos of Bolsonaro, especially during election campaigns, and on Facebook it’s usually even worse. I get pushed outright anti-communist propaganda on Facebook. Recently Facebook pushed a page called “Sigma Postagem”

The page Sigma Postagem frequently posts incel, misogynistic, anti-communist, “Christian” and transphobic content, mostly using the image of Patrick Bateman, a known chan culture character. It’s still up, receiving 15 to 30K likes each post and hundreds to thousands of shares.

Here’s a sample, claiming gay people are “losers” for defending Che Guevara, the same old “Guevara killed gays” garbage, which never happened (and we all know capitalism is much more repressive to LGBT people):

Brazilian anti-communist propaganda

“when you feel like a fool,

remember there are gay people who uphold Che Guevara”

Why do they always use Bateman for dogshit takes? I use the templates for based quotes.

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