lol I saw those comments and was thinking “okay… then what?” like, yeah the crew is still alive but what are they supposed to do now that their ammo exploded? And do they think the enemy will just fire once and that’s it?

The crew could leave? Provided the tank is still mobile

There is no way a tank could sustain a catastrophic ammunition detonation like that and still have the engine operational. Protecting the crew is understandable, but the crew and engine both is absurd.

yea that’s what I mean, like the tank would be forced to leave the battlefield

The crew could be put into a different tank and continue fighting, as opposed to becoming red smears

This is assuming they have more tanks.

Never mind the ammo itself, what about the ammo box? The tank won’t be able to hold ammo anymore and will have to be shipped back to the West for repairs, its good as destroyed

Aw come one. Just 1000 km each way. It’ll be back by tomorrow.


It won’t.

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