Wow, the general public is smarted than I thought they were.

Internet-connected smart appliances are almost universally a bad idea. In some cases it is just extra features (like remote phone notifications when a laundry cycle ends) but it almost always involves tracking and vulnerabilities that you don’t way.

If there was a good local protocol I would be much more eager, but until Thread catches on it doesn’t really seem like there are great options.

I have everything set up with ZigBee, homekit, a few wifi devices, and home assistant, and it works great! Home assistant acts as a homekit hub, so I don’t need any apple devices and it all stays local. Kasa smart switches from TP-Link can be set up for local control with a CLI, so you don’t even need an app. ZigBee is all local anyway.

The only device I have that calls home is a Frigidaire dehumidifier. I have it on a separate wireless VLAN, and I have every site blocked except the one that it needs to communicate with their API. It’s not perfect, but it’s okay for now while I look for a replacement.

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