Ukraine: Is the Hammer About to Fall?
By Mike WHITNEY “Here’s something you must understand. We were not given any opportunity to act differently.” Vladimir Putin The plan to engage Russia militarily…

Hmm very interesting times indeed, but I am left wondering, what is Turkey’s position in this? I would assume when the war escalates more Turkey would put itself before American interests. How would that affect NATO, with one of it’s strongest armies going its own way?

Has anyone got a detailed analysis of Turkey’s Geopolitical position?

What about the blowback of Nazi terrorism in Europe. Any potential revolutions (not necessarily ML, just an ousting of US puppets) in the EU? Greece?

Would the anti-imperialist push in the periphery force the US to move outta Ukraine?

If Russia wins, will some parts of Europe accept to realign with Russian interests instead of American?

Turkey is angling for the best deals for itself. It’s spitting in the face of the west but not willing to leave the west/NATO either. It’s basically playing hard to get and probably wants to curry some long-term favor with Russia so may even keep Sweden out of NATO permanently among other things but they can’t control most of what’s happening.

NATO forces en mass, that is in organized groups, regiments, etc are not going to be sent into Ukraine. They do send special forces, intel operators, etc and have been for some time and will continue to do so but the fact is they already have a large base of canon fodder in the ability to conscript Ukrainians and the utter willingness to throw as many of them into the horror and death as possible to kill a few more Russians and cost the Russians a few more tens of millions in missiles.

What about the blowback of Nazi terrorism in Europe.

Gladio 2.0 is what it is. They disappeared tons of weapons under the guise of corruption by the Ukrainians (some of that definitely happened to) which are unaccountable and can be used in reactionary/fascist terror attacks in future. This is to keep Europe in line with regards to China, to keep socialists out of power and to keep anti-imperialists out of power.

Would the anti-imperialist push in the periphery force the US to move outta Ukraine?

The US will slow or stop what it’s doing in Ukraine when it deems it no longer beneficial and a detriment. They have the sunk cost situation, don’t forget that, plus the true believers who started all this don’t want egg on their face so they have no choice but to double down and try and convince everyone just a few more months and Russia will be out of ammo or the Ukrainians will rally back or whatever.

If Russia wins, will some parts of Europe accept to realign with Russian interests instead of American?

See about the blowback as mentioned above, insurance I think against that kind of thing. Not only are they spreading Ukrainian neo-Nazis around who will scatter in greater numbers into Europe in event of a loss, but they’re spreading the ideology, lots of liberals getting on-board and consider Russians subhumans now so would be rather pissed off for their government to go back to business as usual. 5 years after the conflict it’s hard to say if things change but in the immediate aftermath I don’t think so.

Both sides are trying to bleed one another so Russia I don’t think is going to have some big push that ends the war in 2 months from now. On the other hand with weapons and stuff trickling in and letting the Russians pick them off rather than massing up for an effective counter-attack the west isn’t exactly setting Ukraine up for success either. They seem to want to just keep this thing burning.

Valuable analysis and answers, appreciated comrade!!

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