I didn’t know of this specific event, so I’m glad you shared. So often the genocide of native americans is elided from history. The part about settlers calling it a race war of extermination reminded me of a quote I saw recently of some late 19th-century US politician who was talking about the oncoming acquisition of overseas colonies. They described manifest destiny as creating living room for white settlers (and that was a good thing), and I was struck by the fact that (1) these people were just admitting that they were waging a genocidal conquest despite all the hemming and hawing of my US history classes and (2) this makes it pretty clear that the US is/was the “intellectual” (not really the right word?) predecessor of Nazi Germany. I mean, I had seen people say that was the case, pointing to Jim Crow laws and the 1-drop rule vs. Nazi race “science”, but I thought it was more general and not Nazi Germany literally copying the US to the letter.

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