Chat GPT has the ability to assist you with a wide range of daily tasks. Know other alternatives to chat GPT, top alternatives to chat GPT that you

Chatgpt can be great to learn new stuff and you do not know where to begin. Better than the traditional search engine at least

I think it’s probably worse than traditional search engines, simply because it takes information from them already and parses it into conversational language.

The problem being, by being conversational it increases not just the clarity of the information it conveys, but the credibility as well. And that credibility is not always earned.


Learning new stuff isn’t a good thing if the stuff you’re learning is wrong.

@hanabatake @goatsarah yes but be careful, I tested chatGPT asking about topic I already know (such geometry) and it often gived mi wrong informations

I agree that it sucks in mathematics. However, when I asked it what question should one ask on an exam, a job interview… for coding, he gave good things to look after. It do not provide good answers but it help to turn unknown unknown in known unknown (

Arthur Besse

LLMs are worse than useless. I posted some examples here and here.

@hanabatake yesm even for coding, it does not give good answers but it helps to understand some things

@goatsarah @QuasiMagia @hanabatake Good to know. I used it for programming and sometimes I need to correct the code a bit. I think it’s good to use it for developing because it quickly reveals itself if the information is incorrect.

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