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No, but I should learn Spanish; it’s my mother tongue after all.

espera ? así que tú eres de Latinoamérica o el caribe . ?

Republica Dominicana

Estás Cercano de mi ☺️🤝🏼❤️

I used to know Spanish, I think, but forgot the language.

Oh don’t worry Comrade ❤️ I hope the best for you in learning the language. 👍🏼

Of course, and thank you.

Lo siento. Estoy estudiando Espanol.

Oh mala mía lo siento 😅

Translation :

You are very near me . 🇵🇷❤️🇩🇴

Muchisimas gracias, mi camarada.

Resides tú dentro de la isla o estás afuera de ella . ?

Translation : Do you reside inside the island or are you out from it ?

No, I’m in the United States, but I go there from time to time.

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