Practically every main stream internet service I can think about that I have used is littered with fascist or imperialist comments. Anytime I push back against it, I have to contend with a wave of reactionaries jumping down my throat.

Sometimes I wonder what’s the point. As in, should I just back off and not say anything? It doesn’t seem like saying anything makes a difference anyway.

I dunno, I guess I’m teetering on the edge of despair a bit. Fascism isn’t fringe on the internet anymore, from what I can see. It makes me worry for the near future.

Fill disclosure: my friend thinks I’m just too online.


Literal vampire Peter Theil has a dark enlightenment philosophy that functions similarly to dialectical materialism, but embraces inequality. He is a smart power broker that runs the state surveillance apparatus of Palintir. Ghouls like him are rewarded by the capitalist system. and they are able to provide funding to all kinds of influencers to promote imperialism, racism, white supremacy, transphobia sexism, and all of the other kinds of stuff that just treats people like shit for arbitrary reasons that they have no control over. This is what they’ll do to keep their unjust positions of power.

Funnily enough it is super expensive to maintain this superstructure and people that do the superstructural work have to actively sensor their platforms. What kind of losers really get angry about trans people if they don’t know any trans people while real problems of living in america caused by the bourgeoisie state taking back all of the freedoms won by the labor movement?

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