Lucas Rubio studies the DPRK and in recent years he has been spreading knowledge about it, he even went on big podcasts to talk about the country and he is bothering a lot of different people, liberals, conservatives, ancaps, pretty much all of them are constantly coping really hard anytime he gets a lil bit of views

Ngl I really want the communist movement here to grow a lot and grow fast so we can have more pro-capitalist tears, it’s extremelly entertaining

Oh boy, all the “but muh FAIR elections” copium in the comments is so delicious.

Yeah, elections from one candidate. Elections of representatives for all sorts of committees are like that too, as far as I know. What these fuckers don’t know is that this simply doesn’t work like librul elections. The “candidate” has already been elected by peers by then,the “elections” just formalize it, and people can vote against.

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