I commented about this on reddit a while ago but it’s honestly so funny that Germany knows the US blew it up and yet still has to “yes, honey” them like a good little pet lmao. Absolutely pathetic.

They were in on it. Not sure why but that’s how it is.

Europe is a vassal state of the US. Their leaders are picked in Washington

The rulers of the Anglo European empire are in the same class and are at war with the working class. Europe knows that if it wants to continue plundering the global south, it is too weak to do so without the US military and that which it supports—the IMF, World Bank, and WTO. The European leaders are willing to put up with any level of degradation of European workers in exchange for that protection. So long as the wealth keeps flowing, European workers will be sacrificed. This will lead to revolution or an uninhabitable planet. We have reached the stage where capitalist states cannot prevent capitalistm from destroying itself, in one way or another. The snake isn’t just eating it’s own tail, it’s about to eat it’s own head.

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