Welcome again to everybody! Make yourself at home. NATO is a terrorist organization. In the time-honoured tradition of our group, here is our weekly discussion thread!

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What are good reading methods?

Or do you just, like, read whatever book or article or what have you and there’s not much to it then that?

I read the book/article, but I keep a small “communist journal” where I write down the overarching idea/reflect on the work, along with anything that may have caught my eye or I feel is important to remember.


That’s an interesting idea.

Is this an “online” journal (like in a note-taking app such as Google Docs) or is it an actual journal IRL?

I personally use a regular, paper, spiral bound, 8x10 notebook similar to what you see students using for notes; as I find that writing things out by hand allows me to better remember the material. Plus they’re cheap and you can easily find good quality ones for 2-5 dollars depending on size.

In full honesty it really doesn’t matter which method you use. It’s mostly up to personal preference and convenience. You could use an online note taking app, website, resource, a small pocket notebook, a small journal, a class notebook or so on.

Gotcha, gotcha. Thanks!

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