Do these people not realize Russia and China would intervene and curb stomp the US and occupied Korea?

I hope the Pentagon is as stupid as they are

lol hope not, otherwise these shitstains would actually kick start this…

They might not be this stupid, but they certainly are stupid, just read US Secretary of Navy claiming Chinese shipyards using slave labour

It’s not that they are stupid. It’s that their narrative is stupid from our perspective because we know better. From the viewpoint of pushing the narrative to the unwitting masses, who gobble this stuff up, it isn’t stupid at all. That’s the thing about propaganda. If you know the truth then it makes the reports look like they were written by morons, because YOU know it’s wrong. But it’s not meant to convince you. It’s meant to reinforce the narrative everyone else believes.

Well, yeah. Though anyone who ever seen a shipyard (or any modern industrial works) would quickly smelled some stink in the statement about slave labour used there.

Oh, westerners won’t because they don’t have industry anymore. Right.

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