Why are protests taking place in Georgia?
A ‘foreign agent’ bill reminiscent of a controversial law passed in Russia has triggered protests in Tbilisi.

Because it’s a garden keeping out the weeds/ jungle or whatever that reincarnation of Goebbels said. The EU is just a line which means, outside of these lines is where we do the exploitation…which is ironic because the US is now exploiting them.

I think you’re right. ‘Fortress Europe’ is quite effective at making it’s inhabitants feel safe. (Obviously except for the English, who seem to place more faith in racist politicians and the Channel.)

The EU hasn’t been shy about exploiting it’s own citizens, though. Due to the rules on internal tariffs, the EU also allows internal super exploitation. It may even be one of its core functions.

The four freedoms, iirc, of goods, services, capital, and people can be interpreted favourably by ordinary people, as @DankZedong@lemmygrad.ml, because people with the resources find it very easy to go on holiday, migrate, etc. Or even get involved in some super exploitation themselves, because ‘modest’ savings for a German, say, could go a long way in Greece.

The flip side is… Capital can move to the EU member state with the lowest wages (which can fluctuate, but tends to be the eastern and southern states, a minute of the global model). This also gives capital the freedom to move if workers unionise and demand or ‘secure’ high wages in one country.

Where capital cannot be moved (e.g. agricultural land) workers from member states with lower wages (e.g. Bulgaria) can be hired in their home state, then shipped to the immovable capital (e.g. a farm) in higher income member states (e.g. France). Wherever the work is completed, the goods can be shipped or services provided to other member states, with no tariff penalties.

I’ve had this thought before and maybe written it here at one point.

In terms of economics, the EU has managed to rather quietly achieve the inter-European imperialism which the Nazis sought to achieve. Between the internal super exploitation which you so well summarized and the other pro capital functions of the EU, all but European capitalists wildest dreams have been made true. The single currency zone exacerbates the labour cost differences which already existed, and the EU as well as all of its member states must enact neoliberalism as state policy.

Yep, neoliberalism is embedded in its ‘constitution’. It cannot be reformed at all without making an entirely new institution, at which point it’s no longer ‘reform’.

What the EU did to Greece, with the (reluctant?) complicity of the Greek left was a tragedy.

Ireland is another example. Taxpayers indebted to the tune of millions after the housing crisis with no democratic input. Then Dublin is turned into a tax haven. And neither EU nor UK politicians give a fuck about understanding the Troubles so long as their cash keeps flowing.

It baffles me that someone might take a peak at Greece only to say “oh HELL yes. Sign me the fuck up for the EU!”

Even without looking under the hood of the EU, if Greece’s situation isn’t a red flag idk what is.

I suppose the people who do the signing up are on the giving end of what Greece received. And the ordinary people believe the lies that they’ll be treated like the Germans and the French. (Again, without looking under the good, though, because the EU is not generally good for workers even in the wealthier member states.)

They probably think Greece’s problems are because “they’re lazy” or “because of socialist government”. You know, the one that isn’t socialist at all, but had the audacity to maintain some measly social programs

Some idiot I happen to work with told me last year that the European Central Bank couldn’t raise interest rates because if they did Greece’s debt would be unpayable. And obviously it’s Greece’s fault alone that they have debt problems - can’t pay it, don’t borrow it.

Anyway, Vanis Yaroufakis as ECB director when.

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