I wish I could remember where I saw it but a few years ago there was an article in which the CIA was crying about how hard it is to spy on China because their counter-intelligence network keeps finding and executing spies, and I specifically remember a quote bemoaning the difficulty of recruiting people because “it’s hard to find willing people who know how to read Chinese.” Lmao

lmao maybe if they didn’t crack down on Confucius Institute branches (because of “soft power”) it would be easier for CIA spies to learn mandarin fucking dumbasses

Here’s an idea: Learn Chinese, become a CIA spy, learn/steal important info, defect to China the moment you get there and hand over any information you can.

Was it this one?


There have been a few similar articles over the last five years or so. It’s so satisfying seeing the crocodile tears and copium over seeing China beat the US at the game the US has claimed as exclusively its own.

I think the one I’m remembering had something about reading Chinese in the title but this was a good read too, thanks

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