This is a question I’ve been meaning to ask for a very long time.


  • Syria (ruled by Assad of the Ba’athist party, which seems to be a form of Arab Socialism)
  • Nicaragua (ruled by a Socialist party, surprised they haven’t went the China route already… but then again they’re within the close proximity of Usonia, so I guess it makes sense)
  • Nepal (So many Communist Parties + Already ruled by one, it would be a huge shame if it doesn’t turn Socialist or go that route)

There are likely other countries too that has the potential to turn Socialist/Leftist, like Peru; but I don’t know much about them so I didn’t put them in there. Sorry about that. But anyway, which country do you think will be the next/Sixth AES country?

Makan ☭ CPUSA

Highly likely with Nepal.

Also, India, but that’s a more longterm route.

Could also be Venezuela as the communist movement is making gains there.

And let’s not forget the communist movement’s strength in Swaziland.

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