Imagine my shock when, stoned out of my gourd, I see the ABC Nightly News headlines.

“Warrant Issued For Vladimir Putin’s Arrest”

And it’s issued by an “international” criminal court America has already deemed an unnecessary inhibitor to their colonial project.

I feel like the media is gaslighting us. Very briefly my sense of reality was annihilated. I was caught in a bizarre imperialist fantasy where nothing made sense. I wanted ask my sister what year it was and whether Kiev had finally sacked Moscow. I was convinced I had missed some major developments.

My fault for falling for the MSM clickbait, apparently.

because I’m a masochist I sometimes put the news on while I do stuff around my apartment and earlier this evening I was cleaning my cat’s litter box and heard “an arrest warrant has been issued for Russian president Vladimir Putin” and burst out laughing at the absurdity of it

Me too, I sometimes read comments on Ukraine war videos, peak masochism but I can’t help it since I’m hoping for a few good ones and often see just about 5 or so normal ones.

yea I sometimes browse stuff like r/ukraine to soak in all the delusion but I can only handle so much per day without dying of cringe

r/ukraine is too much, I do average YT and lib comments

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