Saw some suss content relating to leftists supporting Russia uncritically on the GenZedong Reddit page today. The whole argument as far as I could tell was a bit of a strawman . Is anyone moderating the page anymore? I thought I was on normal Reddit for a second.

Why would leftists support either side in this war? It’s essentially a proxy war between Russia and the US, and both countries are ruled by capitalist oligarchs.

In brief, imperialism, specifically the US/NATO led order is the primary contradiction of this age of capitalism. Anything that weakens it, strengthens the proletariat, strengthens, AES nations, strengthens the prospects of revolution literally everywhere including in the imperial core by chipping away at it and leading it towards its final decline.

Russia has always been friendly to nations under siege by western imperialist interests even after the Soviet Union fell. Being their friend at the UN, selling them weapons systems to defend themselves and generally ignoring the sobs of the west to isolate and destroy say Iran or Venezuela, etc.

This is not because those in charge of Russia are special capitalists who believe in AES and want to defend it. This is because they are excluded from the western imperialist plundering, besieged by and sought to be destroyed and brought to heel in pieces by the western bourgeoisie. Therefore in their own self-interests the Russian national bourgeoisie are for entirely self-interested reasons allies of convenience. As Russia is strong, resource rich, etc they’re pretty valuable and China knows this.

Russia is also killing literal nazis, led by and backed by the Nazi Arming and Training Organization (NATO) and I support nazis going to the right place. They’re again not doing this for the right reasons but it needs doing and if they didn’t these nazis wouldn’t vanish, they were conjured up by the US who has supported a fascist insurgency in Ukraine for over 50 years as an anti-soviet and lately anti-Russian measure. They are trying to encircle, contain, extinguish, destroy Russia by ringing it with NATO puppet regimes and military bases to strangle its ability to trade and tie it down in conflicts. Russia deliberately avoided this conflict for years perhaps to build its strength and perhaps because it isn’t really that beneficial to Russian capital but finally their hand was forced and they acted.

So stop assuming naively that all “capitalist oligarchs” what a liberal turn of phrase, simply capitalists or the bourgeoisie would suffice are the same. One bloc (the western, US, EU, NATO one) rules the world and is actively encircling sabotaging and trying to destroy China and other AES as well as actively couping, engaging in neo-colonialism through its puppets like the IMF, world bank, etc against the developing world. The other is a weakened capitalist power that subsists on selling those same countries weapons and friendship because they have no other choice. They’d like to act like the west but until the west is destroyed there’s no hope of that and the day the west implodes they won’t be able to fill the vacuum as the western imperialist plunder capitalism machine was not built in a decade but forged with care and deliberation and great plotting, blackmail, subversion, and maneuvering by the US with the assent of the dying colonial regimes of Europe who saw in it a savior. In other words there is no way that if Russia wins and crushes the west that they can just up and take their place. It simply is not possible. The organs, the interests, the loyalties all lead towards a kind of multi-lateral world with weaker imperialists less able to impose on the developing world and AES.

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