, and there’s a native mobile app called Forage in F-Droid that only manages shopping lists.

IMHO, grocy is overkill unless you’re managing a restaurant. It requires ingredients and UOM to be pre-defined, and used in every recipe or list. While this is awesome for inventory management, it is a serious pain in the ass when you only want to add something quickly to the shopping list.

Mealie is much more casual. The downside is that it doesn’t have some grocy features, like list combination. In grocy, if you add 120ml milk from one recipe, and 1c milk from another, it’ll combine them into a single 1.5c milk (or whichever your preferred system is). In Mealie, you just get the two items in the list. OTOH, if you need a sprig of clove, with Mealie you don’t find yourself in the grocery store entering a definition for “sprig,” including how many ounces it converts to, or “cloves,” what it’s default unit is, and where in the house it is usually found.

I wrote the shopping list app for Mealie. It does what I need it to, and so gets very infrequent updates. Like, none, since I originally released it. It works only with Mealie 1 (which is actually Mealie 0), although I will be releasing a bugfix update for Forage soon, and a beta for Forager (for Mealie 2) a bit later. The APIs for the two Mealie versions and underlying data structures are so different I was unable to write a single app that worked with both without doubling the size of the app.

Anyhoo, Mealie has multiple users sharing one list of recipes and shopping lists, so you can have multiple people using the same shopping list. While the app is pretty basic, it is smart about change management and is built for multiple concurrent users. I frequently shop, checking off items while my wife, at home, is adding new ones.

The other thing the app does well is work offline. For the most part, it is resiliant to network outage. You can add things and check them off while there’s no internet, and when it comes back, Forage will sync the list to the server, merging any changes.

There are edge cases (bugs) where Forage expects internet (when it’s first unslept), and the UI hangs until it gets it. There are a lot of things it can’t do (edit item names). OTOH, it can do things the Mealie web UI doesn’t, like purge all completed (checked) items.

In any case, my use case was planning meals and shopping for a small household, and Mealie + Forage satisfy that. Maybe it would work for you.

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