I do it all the time. Force of habit. Do you believe there is some ill will in my posts?

deleted by creator

I do not, but I will look it up

I’m a native English speaker and I have no idea what they’re talking about. I don’t think they realized you were alluding to the EU politician that called Europe a garden and the rest of the world a jungle.

Jossip Borrel? I know him. I am just incredulous at the idea that Russia’s relationship with the west is beneficial in any way to anyone other than an oligarch selling titanium or whatever. In addition, Russia may be better off overall in the new Asia.

I thought it was because my comment could’ve been interpreted as an attack on China

I guess, yeah, but I am just incredulous at the idea that Russia’s relationship with the west is beneficial in any way to anyone other than an oligarch selling titanium or whatever. It doesn’t even have to be China. The relationship of Gardeners to the rest of the world is parasitic! Any financial relationships with one another will be better because their economies don’t run off plunder!

At the same time I understand why people are wary China will do the same stuff as the USA. Their central bank operates very differently than the federal reserve, so I wouldn’t worry.

In my particular case the concern is of different nature. There’s actually no need for any ill will or malice from China’s side for this relationship to be dangerous for Russian citizens. The issue is the capitalist nature of Russia. For instance, China produces cargo trucks. AFAIK they’re quite good in quality, and they can be produced at incredible rates, in insane quantities. On the other there’s KAMAZ in Russia. Does China want to bankrupt KAMAZ? Doubt it. But it will, because it can make trucks better and cheaper, and the capitalists who require trucks for their gains will inevitably choose what lets them do so without cutting too much into profits. What will happen to the people working at the plants? The government won’t support them, because of capitalist mode of production.

Hope I am making sense.

random but also i genuinely don’t understand why i was making removed comments about this before man. geopolitics is not some intuitive subject… it seems to consist almost entirely of misconceptions, with little islands of sanity.

i started eating a lot more iodine and other stuff that’s improved my mood and i felt like apologizing lol

No grief, comrade. We all live in the capitalism-produced superstructure and all the illusion it generates (unless you live in an AES state, in which case I apologize)

I understand you, but weren’t they already competing with Chinese manufacturers?

It’s not about goodwill in my mind, it’s about all these nations benefiting from breaking free from the dollar system.

China is helping OPEC countries develop away from being oil export economies!!! This is despite being some of their biggest customers. I trust them with the Russian economy more than Russian oligarchs and Putin.

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