Has communism won? Is it a matter of time before the collapse of the West?

Or will fascism have a complete takeover?

What are some things that will almost certainly happen?

The US as we know it will cease to exist soon, I give it less than 10 years.

Economic decline and food scarcity is only going to get worse because of climate change and the war. Foolishly the capitalists seem intent on restricting our rights and reducing our quality of life at every chance they get. This is going to turn more and more people against them.

They will try to combat this with fascism to force things to function but it will back fire spectacularly because it will create resistance.

Eventually this resistance will lead to a civil war/revolution and the balkanization of the US.

My hope is that by the last stage we have created enough class consciousness that this results in the introduction of socialism rather than a reboot of capitalism.

As far as the EU is concerned I can see it following a similar path but the economic collapse is going to come much sooner.

Thank you for responding:).

What would you say the chances are that capitalism becomes rebooted vs. socialism being instituted?

Its really hard to say but there are a lot more people fed up with capitalism in this country already than you would suspect. Social media is a terrible metric because it deliberately suppresses leftism.

But I see anti-capitalism WAAAAY more in every day life here than I did even a year ago. There is also a huge labor movement going on and Its only growing. It’s being deliberately understated.

Bernie for all his faults has broken the taboo on socialism and its been growing since.

I think it matters more who has the guns/money than popular support. If we want to win we should get more of those things.

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