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Yes the answer is cringe but can we talk about the dude asking a freaking billionare about climate change lmao

Wouldn’t be surprised if it was a staged q&a

doesn’t this scumbag own more farm land than anyone else in the US?


bourgeois moment

Wasn’t lithium or something that’s used in electric car batteries actually worse? I can’t drive, I’ve tried it and I just can’t do it, so I stick to public transit and even saving up for a bike (plus thick winter tires). It’s more efficient and better for the climate and happiness of the population as a whole. But I guess it’s not nearly as profitable to assholes like Gates try to peddle the myth of hyper-consumerism solving all our problems.


Wasn’t lithium or something that’s used in electric car batteries actually worse?

Lithium and cobalt.

Whether it’s actually worse is way more nuanced. Electric cars basically can’t justify their existence any more than gasoline cars, but in certain applications, battery electric busses and trains very much can. There’s a whole thing about in what applications direct electrification is better than batteries and vice versa, and what role hybrid battery electrification can play in your system where you direct electrify parts of your line and battery power other parts of it, where the vehicles can directly run on the wire while using it to charge its batteries, and keep running when the wire ends. But batteries can genuinely be more efficient and more eco friendly than direct electrification in some cases, since direct electrification consumes resources too, namely in the form of infrastructure, the physical wires and gantries you have to build and maintain.

But the magic thing here is scalability. The environmental impact of a bus or train battery (which is often not that much bigger than the battery in a Tesla) is spread out between all the people it can carry and therefore the individual impact becomes very small. Same with fossil fuels for conventional non electric transit mind you, which is why taking diesel busses are still better for the environment than driving a Tesla. I always say to people not to feel bad if they only have fossil fuel powered trains and busses where they are, because you’re still doing a lot better for the environment riding that than getting an EV, and the best part is transit systems are much, much easier and collectively cheaper to build electrification onto than car-based transportation.

We need to change our lifestyle to be one that is more communal and collective oriented if we’re to survive the climate crisis. Changing the individualist elements for slightly more efficient individualist elements does bugger all.

Thanks for the more nuanced info! Scalability is definitely what I was thinking of. Because a battery for an individuals person car vs buses, streetcars, trains, etc. are very different.

I know a couple who go on loads of holidays. Everyone thinks they’re loaded. Their response if you ask them: ‘we use public transport – the money you spend running a car funds two or more holidays a year if they’re planned right.’ (They’re also happy just to be away, so their holidays aren’t lavish.) Not a bad way of doing things.

Especially if you’re part of the broke working class and can only afford piece of shit cars that need constant repairs. You end up spending way more money on said piece of shit car than something more reliable that you can’t get approved for. I’m finally out of that cycle now but lived that life for way too long and it was always a major stress in the back of my mind. When is this piece of shit gonna break down next and take all my year’s savings with it?


Based couple. More people should follow their good example.

Experiences over objects.

That’s right. Although, capitalists have even ruined this to a certain extent. Selling ‘experiences’ as commodities. Like days out at theme parks, helicopter rides, or gourmet dining. Closely linked with rentier capitalism, but I’ve not looked into these ideas much.

Completely agree.

I am never buying another car in my life. no thank you.

e bikes, e scooters, micromobility, and electrified train lines / trams are the only legitimate electric vehicles. (possibly battery electric buses and mini trucks for farms as well.)

E-scooters don’t drive well on snow. Public transit is the way to go

for the snowy months you need bike infrastructure that’s well maintained after a snowstorm. right now most places prioritize plowing the huge amount of streets for cars and the result is 3-4 days when bike lanes are unusable, if they were ever usable in the first place.

cars don’t drive that well on snow either fwiw.

The way the snow is ploughed in my city is horrendous. They prioritize the roads while leaving the sidewalks piled with snow for days until another comes along to try and make it walkable.


Also, nothing wrong with taking public transit when you can’t use a scooter or bike, or bring them on public transit with you. A lot of people tend to fixate on “what thing can work for 100% of situations”, and that mindset is how you end up with nothing and keep driving your car hoping that some future miracle gadget comes out (it won’t). If you can use a scooter or bike most of the year where there’s no snow, don’t sweat the relatively small amount of time you can’t use it. The right tool for the job is more important that a single tool for every job.

yeah, I’ve been taking the bus lately. pretty convenient when two buses from the same line don’t stack up and make you wait twice as long

That’s a sign of a bad transit system, not an issue with the concept of public transportation. There are plenty of systems in the world where it’s essentially true hop on hop off, don’t even need to read a schedule because vehicles come so often you can just show up and generally expect to be on your way in minutes.

it’s a bad transit system but it used to be worse!!! I used to wait for an hour and 40 minutes for a bus that was supposed to come once an hour

Would you say normal bikes with winter tires work better? I see people up here peddle their bikes through the snow, I think they’d have it easier if we had better bike lanes and proper snow ploughing.

they’d have it easier if we had better bike lanes and proper snow ploughing.

Oh absolutely. Unfortunately even that doesn’t solve the issue of snowfall, wind and other elements. A bus/train simply offers more shelter while you drive

Bury The Right

Billionaire liberal coming up with a suggestion that is only feasible for people that can blow $60,000, figures.

Biggest way an individual can contribute is by being this guy.

Fuck im not contributing enoigh



Like the movie They Live


John carpenter is one of the few based socialist US directors. Managed to slip it in through horror,

I heard you landmined the lands around your residence, what are the chances of you shooting PCP, stripping naked, and running through there? Preferably livestreamed and ended with celebratory fireworks.

Where are we going to get the lithium, never mind all the other resources, to replace every existing car with an electric one?

By what environmentally friendly process will these resources be turned into those cars?

And what are we going to recharge them with if states obstinately keep fracking and building coal mines rather than renewables (or nuclear)?

One of the city people I watch on YouTube said “electric cars are still cars”, they’re not going to solve anything.

It seems obvious, but that’s a great way to put it.

They’re going to steal it from the global south just like everything else

They will, that. The scoundrels.


Electric cars don’t help if we employ literal child slaves to work in environmentally destructive lithium mines lad.



It’s 2023 and people are still buying this. Sad.

In my city our public transit is very underfunded so people are pushed to buying cars and big ass trucks to get around. It’s completely manufactured.


One state I lived in, they mandated yearly emissions tests … not a bad idea in theory, but in practice it essentially forces people to buy new cars, and junk perfectly running ones, which is a net negative for the environment, and a profit-maker for car dealerships.

I’m convinced nearly all regulation in capitalist dictatorships has this dual character, seemingly good for the environment, but actually solely for profit.

Seriously, libs need to fuck off with this late 90s bullshit.

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