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In the comments: guy with batman pfp being held hostage through the internet because “they might retaliate” and a lot of three arrows.


Yeah lol. I just wanted to link the story tbh. I found it odd that a gang of antifa people randomly attacked some right wingers.

In some east German cities it seems to me that the neonazis and the anti-fascists have almost turned into gang type organizations of young people who want to get into fights. The article also points out that local officials are worried of spiraling violence between these factions.

Some towns don’t even have even remotely left politics at all anymore because the Neonazi “gangs” have gotten so violent everyone else leaves if they can. I was recently told about one university town where the “Junge Union” (CDU youth organization) is basically the left extreme of what you can find in the town. They engage in an anti-fascist way and get into fights with the neonazis regularly, or at least did a few years ago when the people I was talking with were in school there.

Communist and fascist themed radical liberalism in the format of gangs. Both are likely funded by Brussels and by extension Washington to poison the well and reinforce the neoliberalist status quo there. Just a guess though. They have a tendency to do these things. MTG and MAGA taking an anti-imperialist stance against Ukraine for example.

Then there’s the international perspective to understand. Maupin and Dugin are symptoms of the Russian bourgeoisie attempting to harness at times fascism and “communism” for their own interests. The CIA do this with anarchist adventurism, social left tendencies, and other threads of radical liberalism to further US bourgeois interests.

Regardless, gangs essentially only benefit gangs. Even when scraps are achieved it’s due to going about it in the wrong way that can never lead very far so even in the short term they’re toxic ideologically. Materially they can be beneficial in the short run but that comes with the risk of the beneficiaries not knowing the difference and coming out of the experience thinking gangs are the way to go. Not to mention East Germany becoming a war ground for NATO vs Russia, although considering the history of the geography I’m not so sure that’s avoidable in any case.

Years of Lead 2.0: Germany edition?

That could be coming, but I see this as the status quo rather than escalation. Of course with the sanctions hitting people harder every week, and the political polarization of the working classes happening here just as everywhere in the west, it could certainly get worse.


I feel like things like this are bigger in France and Germany than elsewhere. In both countries you’ve got fascist/nazi groups fighting antifa squads on the regular like some sort of underground fight club. It’s happening in my city as well on a smaller scale and it stays out of the news most of the time.

Let them fight, I guess. Though I don’t think it’s that effective and it’s not going to change the world or anything.

This might be some internal dealing of theirs.

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