【ENG SUB】《三体 Three-Body 》第01集
欢迎加入"腾讯视频"频道会员观看《三体》最新集数 ▶▶ http://bit.ly/JoinTencentVideo【播放列表】▶▶ https://bit.ly/3H56ido【欢迎订阅】▶▶ https://bit.ly/wetvdrama 【剧情介绍】2007年,地球基础科学出现了异常的扰动,科学界人心惶惶...

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How much of the book does this episode cover?


Update: watched it with my gf (who hasn’t read the book). We both liked it.

It skips over the Cultural Revolution opening pretty much entirely and goes right into Wang’s perspective, then ends a little after his first meeting with the military. Subs are solid (a lot of dialogue is directly lifted from the book!) but go a little fast. Looking forward to watching the rest of it.

Didn’t this just premiere today? Is this an official upload?

No idea, but it’s on the official Tencent channel.

It’s also region locked for me, so I’m guessing they’re just making it free for some markets.

It looks like they had 4 episodes available at first but for me 2-4 are now hidden. Hopefully they continue releasing more for free on youtube since I enjoyed the first episode.

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