Hello lemmy, I’m looking to replace my mouse and get a new one. Preferably wired, I don’t really like the bluetooth mice. Not looking for extra buttons or anything, just a basic Mouse that does the clicks and scrolls.


The Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse for business should be what you look for. I really don’t like this company, but their mice are good.

This one I use daily: https://www.logitech.com/en-us/products/mice/mx-vertical-ergonomic-mouse.910-005447.html

You can keep the usb connector attached and use it that way if you want to avoid bluetooth.

Razer Deathadder V2 is decent for the price. Logitech has a ton of choices, but all the cheaper mice start to double click for me after 6 months.

Recently bought a new mouse because yet again another Logitech began double-clicking. So this time I wanted anything but Logitech. Furthermore, I decided to go with a mouse with optical switches as it seems they cannot get that infuriating double-clicking issue. I found a few Razer has those, and also the SteelSeries Prime.

I went with the Razer Basilisk because I wanted the wheel tilt buttons.

I can’t bring myself to support Razer after their poor QC on their Kraken headset series. AFAIK their kraken headsets has this issue to this day.

BTW, I never heard about that double clicking thing with Logitech before and my Logitech mouses survive years of abuse without an issue, so I stick by their side when needed.

That’s strange, that Logitech double-clicking is notorious. I have a small box full of them. (I should probably just throw them away, but I saw on YouTube that you can unsolder the old switches and solder new ones quite easily)

I should mention I only tested their gaming series, so it might be it.

Second Razer here as well, I find their mice tend to work well.

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