I went to back to school (in the US) to get my master’s in public health, and it’s wild to be in the belly of the beast of academia and just a liberal organ in general after my “radicalization”. The glaring holes in the ideas and logic we discuss are so easily glossed over by most of the other students and professors and when I point them out sometimes I’ll get a “wow thats really interesting” or something but we just move past it because they have no way of dealing with the contradictions I bring up other than to ultimately discard it. I understand more now how otherwise principled people can crack under the pressure in these kinds of situations because liberal ideology is just relentless and oppressive.

It’s strong and pervasive because we haven’t overcame the economic system it’s superstructure permeates from yet. When we say “liberalism” or “western culture” it’s really capitalism we’re talking about because that’s what drives it. The specific characteristics are due to the system being physically centered in America as opposed to say Britain as before or perhaps one day in Russia.

If I was dictator, I would shut down all ivy league Poli Sci departments. Then I would hand over power because I would suck as a leader. But at least give me the joy of doing that to libs.

It’s not even science. It does not use the scientific method or any of the other things real science does to keep itself truthful.

A respectable choice

The residential fake schools in USA and Canada from 1880s to 1996 and the continued cover up of war crimes in the fake schools proved that even assimilation is rare as a form of preservation for Indigenous people. There is also the fact that the Canadian first nations need to live in concentration camps to gain property rights and compensation for crime against humanity.



I heard a good word for that, let me remember it…

Oh yes


You’re joking, but the concept does have everything to do with this.

Modern western liberalism is a postmodernist brainchild through and through, and postmodernists equate all points of view. Whatever are we to do with the points of view that postulate the existence of truth then? Why, we lump them together and brand them E V I L, of course. There is your philosophical footing for “totalitarianism” bullshit.

Indeed. And it’s not just liberal ideology. It’s the whole package. Ever wondered why English is practically the current universal language? Why everyone knows Hollywood actors, but often can’t name their own country’s great figures?


Yeah, it’s absolute cultural domination.

Yes, and culture is part of the superstructure which serves to perpetuate, spread, and legitimize what? The base! It’s imperialism which creates, drives, and spreads this shit. Imperial capital will accept no substitutes other than submission in it’s time of desperation and fleeting existence. We’ve never seen such a successful (relative) form of capitalism yet, and so it’s grip on power and it’s desperate grasps for safety will be stronger than even the British in their time. But everything has it’s opposite and crisis spurs a catalyst towards it’s creation.


very well put

Thank you

It does make me wonder if the Yankee ruling class is at least vaguely aware of ML theory. They impose both the economic system and the sociocultural superstructure that supports and justifies the economy.

"We are in danger of producing an educated proletariat. … That’s dynamite! We have to be selective on who we allow [to go to college].”

Roger Freeman, educational advisor to Richard Nixon

Interestingly enough, apparently the same was said by Herman Gref, head of sberbank and a big name in Russian business

Current ruling class delegate the theory to their inteligentsia lapdogs like Friedman or Sowell and to the secret services, but past ones definitely did read it.

Perhaps the letter agencies have read it then

Can’t speak to all theory, but the US government hired Michael Hudson to teach them how Superimperialism works in the 1970s. Apparently the CIA used the book as a manual on how to do dollar dominance better.

Michael Hudson

Just looked him up, now he’s shilling for industrial capital trying to grift it as the solution to the economic crisis 😂 It’s where we’re likely heading in some areas (Russia is already there, likely Europe and England) but WW1 wasn’t an accident, and neither was it’s end 😉

Yeah, he’s a mixed bag. Sometimes you’ll get very pointed analyses of global economics, sometimes it’s just bs. Apparently his family were Trots so maybe that’s part of it. In part he’s right, in that productive capacities need to be built up and developed, but his insistence on the necessity of “mixed economies” and in some cases industrial capital is definitely off.

Makes sense, sadly

Not only that, but iirc Hoover also ‘wrote’ books on communism. It’s not very good, but he tried, bless him. (They’re very likely ghost written, and possibly by the same people who ghost wrote for Conquest.) Not sure about later directors.

Aside: how tf can one be a director of a secret service – the FBI, no less – through seven presidencies, while calling others totalitarian?

Aside: how tf can one be a director of a secret service – the FBI, no less – through seven presidencies, while calling others totalitarian

By juggling definitions

Beyond the shadow of the doubt


To be fair the idea of a cultural hegemony has been around for a while. I’d argue imposition of culture and an economic system predates ML theory and traces back to western colonialism.

I mean, we still have so many cultural carryovers from other empires throughout history. American culture will likely have relevance long past the age of American empire. That’s just how history is.

I know, I can’t wait for the term “captain of industry” to be a pejorative similar to calling someone “chief” or “pal” 😂 Imagine a CEO in Sweden goes on vacation and posts to the company’s social media pictures, an employee replys" wow, look at this real captain of industry! 🤬" Perhaps it will come to mean pompous asshole or something similar

I’m reading Caliban and the Witch at the moment and that’s a big part of what the author talks about. Not just how that imposition happened in the colonies, but how it happened simultaneously in the “colonial core.”

Yes, I suppose you are right. What with ellinisation and Romanisation.

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