Like holy shit these are videos that a toddler would watch. Are westerners really this dumbened?

You have to be willing to insult yourself just by browsing trending. Thumbnails consist of people opening their mouths and making the dumbest looking expressions. And to think this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I think the youtube trending page shows that most people on youtube are really young and watch content that they like. But sadly a lot of this content is questionable and they can’t watch it with a critical view. I believe people under 13 shouldn’t have social media accounts, own smart phones or computers because it’s just not safe for them and it’s not good for their development. After that they are free to do what they want as long as parents check up on them once in a while until they are like 15

And that’s not even getting into the multiple massive pedo rings that YouTube still hasn’t done anything about. It’s so easy to find exploited kids on that website and it’s gross.


i never browse trending :)

Agree, it’s just pure bullshit. On Balkan YouTube is a similar situation, during 2012-2016/early 2017 times there were very good YouTubers making content for little kids, older kids and adults alike, playing games, especially Minecraft, GTA V and horror games, videos about tech, work out, funny sketches, Creepypasta channels etc. After that came idiots who were fighting among themselves and causing dramas because that became popular for some reason, and of course sexual content and fighting over bullshit became normalized among them.

This went for years and luckily some of them died down, the biggest and worst one was banned and removed from YouTube just last year, but now it’s just wasteland, most of the OG YouTubers left because of atrocious content over the years and change on the platform. Now we are left in wasteland without content with about 5 active OG YouTubes max.

Sexual content is bad?

In this context

Of course it is wtf

No it’s not. Are we trying to have morality police?

No, we’re talking about a very specific context

If you want sexual content just go to a dedicated porn site.

Why not both? No one told anyone to click on the YouTube videos.


Because Youtube is a website for general, all-ages content creation, and hosting explicit material like pornography flies in the face of that.

No, Youtube should not be full Weenie Hut Jr and ban people for saying the word “fuck”, but hosting straight porn is a bridge to far. If you want porn just go to a site dedicated to it.

Morality policing would be saying that all porn on the internet should be banned. It is not “morality policing” to want to keep extreme explicit material like porn segregated.

You want segregation and then claim you don’t want morality police.

This community is so conservative when it comes to sex.

I have an anti clickbait extension for Firefox on YouTube. Removes caps from titles and replaces the thumbnail with a still from the video.

Woah, just what I need!

The thing is that they are made for toddlers. I would say the second most popular types of videos is commentary. Which most times are talking about how horrible this stuff is for kids. Still horrible to think about though.

The most popular types of video are poisoning kids, and the second most popular type talk often about how they poison kids.

I have to imagine what it’s like to actually make that content. How do these people keep it together when they’re having to be so obnoxious, knowing they’re making clickbait? I’m just imagine someone having to edit those dumb thumbnails and somehow hit “post” without stopping to think what they’re doing with their life.

Making content on youtube now is basically curtailing your video to be a dopamine dose that targets people’s fried attention spans. Look at how videos now have super short segments with jump cuts every 5-10 seconds with things constantly in your face. It’s unbearable for me to watch 90% of youtube now.

Apparently leaving your kid with an Ipad counts as parenting


I don’t want to, I think the cons outweigh the pros… but I absolutely get why people want to raise their children as far away from shit like this as possible. It’s become a basic requirement to have a cell phone w/ internet / mobile data connection if you want to succeed in school, work, and social life. Little bricks full of brain poison.

Getting older, I understand more why my parents didn’t get me a phone til I was older, why they didn’t like how much time I spent online. I wish they were stricter, actually. Idk. The ramifications of all of this are coming fast (see schoolchildren telling their female teachers that Andrew Tate told them women shouldn’t have authority over them!). More than a little worried.

In 20 years that parent will be next to their kid who will say “Mom so poggers and fucking hype to see you finally, ROFLcopter.” to which she will realize where she went wrong.


Haven’t heard that meme in decades. Has this been resurrected like the Trollface?

No im just old lmao

We all are, comrade.

Well, what do u expect. This is basically capitalism in decay.

This is what’s bound to happen when instead of parenting, interacting and looking after your child; you would rather just hand them an iPad and go about with your daily business.

Like holy shit, if you can’t be bothered to deal/interact with your child, don’t have them in the first place!

I believe the reason for this is that the YouTube promotion algorithm has changed. It now favors extremely short videos that people click on and watch all the way through and binge for hours, because that gives YouTube more money. The easiest way to do that is to make shallow, useless videos that capture attention with a stupid, clickbait thumbnail and title and then use tactics like delaying the most important part of the video to the end.


The worst thing to me is youtube face. A whole ad-based economy built around people contorting their faces for clicks.

I can’t unsee that. Genuine thanks. I’m curious to see how long this augments my ability not to fall for clickbait.

Sort of like tiktok or vine, right?

Yes, exactly. That’s what they’re going for. That’s also why they added the YouTube shorts feature. I personally hate short-form content, but apparently, my friends love it, so I guess they were successful.

The West lives in a cartoon.

Child-oriented content gets a lot of views because youtube became popular enough to be used by absolutely anyone who has internet access. Which includes children. A lot of children. Preschoolers would watch your standard toy unboxing videos and weird copy pasted animations. Kids a bit older switch to absolutely any entertainment due to having not yet developed any standarts for quality, and a dude making a face with big red arrows pointing to an oversaturated photoshop grabs a lot of attention.

But Mr. Beast funny philanthropist!!! Ooowowlolol

I want to watch 100 YouTubers sign his tesla!!! (Just checked trending. Literally a video on there)

I could hear Hakim’s voice reading this lmao

On a more serious note, there is legitimately something to be said about the degeneration of content (or really, lack of in the first place, at least as far back as I can remember) in Western social media/online spaces.

I haven’t ventured too far into other areas of the web geographically so I can’t say for myself that it’s of higher quality but everything I’ve heard points to the west having inferior content (or rather, the users promoting garbage instead of the good things that come out of Western mouths and content creators) and I’m not surprised.

I don’t want to be the “everyone around me is an idiot huhu” because I don’t think that, but it seems like there is just something lacking here, at least where I live in the US.

Arsen6331 ☭

it seems like there is just something lacking here

There is. It’s a good school system. Rather than teach kids properly, they’ve turned school into obedience training, where kids are taught to submit blindly to authority. After that, you go to college, where some admissions officers old, white idiots decide whether they like you enough and whether you’ll earn them enough money to justify granting you a piece of paper that might potentially give you a job, after forcing you to pay insane amounts of money for classes you don’t need. It stresses and traumatizes people so much, that they don’t even want to learn anything. Instead, they just want to watch shallow content all day, because if they hear something interesting that they don’t know, they’re reminded of their past learning experience, reminded of the teachers implying that they’re stupid and will never amount to anything, or even saying that to them directly, reminded of being bullied and having the adults do nothing, or even siding with the bully when they spoke up. I believe this is very intentional. If people learn too much, they might realize something is wrong with capitalism and then become socialists. Therefore, they must learn by the book exactly or not learn at all. This is what school and college teaches kids in the US. To learn exactly by the book, and always obey authority.

Agree all the way. School is just bullshit. We learn to obey and get used to exploitation.

I’m pretty sure in China for kids on TikTok and stuff like that there’s no random clickbait, just educational content.

And Communists say they aren’t utopians.

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