Not exactly that unknown but I love mapcomplete. Cool for editing maps a bit but way better for helping me find places to work from in a new city! Especially since Google Maps seems to have gotten worse at showing anything but the highly rated coffee chains lately.

Excited for this tool to improve with some of the attention it’s getting!


This is likely of 0 use to ANYONE in this thread but:

I am an inpatient hospital nurse. When I accept a new patient to our unit it is helpful to have the room set up, including all of the equipment the patient will need. To pick out a blood pressure cuff, I need to guess how big around their arm will be. I do usually have access to their recorded height and weight, so I plug those into this and use that to guess what size or range of sizes to put in the room! This is similar, but a little more complicated to use in the same way.

I also use Power Delete Suite to constantly purge my reddit history. I’m really looking forward to the aether project which is going to just not keep anything older than 6 months by default. I wouldn’t mind building an aether host server but really I live my online life from my phone and need a mobile access interface so. to bypass pay walls shows you the info a typical website extracts from your device has some cool, free articles in relation (virtually) to the field of International Relations. almost never works

Depends really, but for the sites I used to access it worked perfectly. I think it all falls down to the mechanism employed by the website to protect the paid content.

@thevoiceofra @Tatar_Nobility It worked pretty well the last time I tried it is an interesting site. a lot of links are to chud stuff but you can remove them. the FAQ also has a lot of info.


Don’t use it, this is a proprietary website that require JavaScript.

Use this instead.

I like these blogs

Occassionally visit


Nice list ;)

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