US Government should arrest them for Biological Terrorism but because they’re white they’ll get a standing ovation instead

Feel bad for the kid, that’s gotta weigh on him at some point…

Fucking…seriously? We get those vaccines when we’re 1 and 6 still, even in our decaying counter-revolutionary weirdland. It’s mandatory!

White people spreading diseases on foreign lands? Never heard of that!

First vaccinate him and then send their parents to the wall.

Failure to provide your child an extremely low risk and proven to be safe over many decades preventative medicine for a horrible deadly disease that affects not only your own child but everyone around them, and barring any allergies or other conditions that legitimately exempt your child from receiving it, should be considered a textbook case of child abuse under the law and an instant “you’re not fit to be a parent” ruling with foster services getting involved. I’d even say this is not just child abuse but negligent homicide/attempted homicide of both your child and anyone else they come in contact with.

There is no room for tolerance of antivaxxers here. It takes just one antivaxxer to potentially kill hundreds or thousands of people, or in the worst case set humanity’s medical advancement back decades. You take the proven safe vaccine, period.

His parents need to be charged for murder.

Daily Mail journalism? 🤨

If they get to shit on mainland Europe they’ll report the facts.

France deserves all the hate it can get so I’ll let this one slide.

This is why we can’t have nice things. And shows why China’s effort to keep on top of Covid while the capitalist world shrugged was so courageous.

I swear, fucking fanatics of faith healing, antivaxxers and the rest of idealist lunatics are driving us to extinction via germs

I would argue they are but a symptom of a larger problem

Yeah, but the main troops of basically biological warfare against humanity.

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