Noooo, but China!!! Chiiiiinaaa!!!

Sisipee organ harvesting operations in wholesome non genocidal Canada smh

So they were projecting all along.


I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise

Silly Canada. The only organs worth harvesting are magical Falun Gong organs.


liberals only care about organ harvesting when they think it’s from china

Those are hard to catch tho. Always levitating away and through walls 'n shit.


Well well well, now that’s an interesting development! I take it it’s a lucrative business? Are aging capitalists actually attempting to prolong their lives with organs?

Capitalism is incredible. Every single time when something is invented that can potentially be used for evil, under capitalism, for profit, it will be. Like a clockwork.

The super rich are injecting blood from teenagers to gain ‘immortality’

In the old days if someone expressed intent to take another’s blood, we’d drive a wooden stake through their heart and then burn the body to make sure they didn’t reanimate.

Wait is that why vampires don’t age cause they drink others blood? Never really thought that through.

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