chatGPT recently started making it loud, that way Microsoft rushed to pour $10 billion into it, so with this new model, are we going to witness the end of Google control over the way we search?

Currently, Google is too big compared to OpenAI, but OpenAI is doing very great with their AI tools, now with the chat, it’s awesome and just for this they already got that much investment… sadly one of them is Microsoft. But the people working on OpenAI must be very smart, with all that money they got now, they can hire some of those engineers that Google, Meta and Twitter fired and create more uses for their tools.

I haven’t used google search in ages

Search finds existing knowledge. ChatGPT easily makes up lies as answers. I don’t think this is comparable.

But ChatGPT will win, with time it will auto-program itself as a virus for the Google infrastructure, and it will end up dominating the world.


Google, Facebook or Microsoft can buy it if this is likely. If can’t buy it they can get it banned.


I already switched to and their youchat

Google isn’t going anywhere.

Google already LaMDA, which is not publicly accessible but likely as good or better than ChatGPT. They would certainly release it the public if their core business were in danger. So unfortunately, no, I don’t think so.

Helix 🧬

Google can easily replicate ChatGPT with enough engineers, computing power and outsourced labor. There’s nothing secret in the inner workings.

That said, maybe we’ll be able to use search engines again without wading through pages of mud when there’s more competition…

Facebook had enough engineers and computing power did Facebook kill Snapchat or TikTok? I believe the original idea can win at the end whenever you have in hand to compete.

Did google kill Facebook with google+? Did microsoft kill android with windows phone?

I don’t know, i might be wrong!

Helix 🧬

Then why would ChatGPT kill Google?

Because instead to search for stuff, you can ask it to a AI which is easier and faster.

I’m not very knowledgeable in this field, does chatGPT always give accurate answers?

Edit: also, sometimes people seek cited research from scholars and professionals regarding topics with no straightforward answers. I’m not sure how credible AI is in such cases.

I tested it for codes, it works. espcially with PHP.

I use it a lot, I ask for musics, I ask for philosophical questions and anything I have in my mind.

For working as a programmer, I can ask how to do implementations in my language, I can ask for standards to use for the implementation, even if it’s not accurate it’s better than start from zero… and like this everything I need, this way it’s easier to unblock my work, by giving me ideas.

For now, I always check the responses with search engines, also to obtain more information about how to do the implementations correctly.

It always gives confident answers. Accuracy not guaranteed.

I figured so.

Well, it’s just the start, when you open the chat they tell you all what you are asking.

It’s a beta product, they made it open to test it. But they can make products using this technology to have this AI on your smartphone, or PC, so you can talk with it and get very nice responses, even from a search engine provided by OpenAI.

Because Google runs thanks of the data they collect, having an AI living with people learning from them to adapt the responses, makes it easier to collect and manipulate people, so inversions will go there.

This is my explanation of why OpenAI would kill Google if it continues like this.

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