Just logistically speaking, imagine needing to send dozens of different types of dozens of spare parts to different sections of a thousand-mile wide front line, with different types, shapes and calibers of ammunition as well. These tanks will likely just be abandoned after they get even slightly damaged.


What, you’re telling me this isn’t like a video game and you can’t just respawn your armor

God, it’s incomprehensible

It is also unclear to me who is supposed to be in these tanks. If Ukrainians are going to operate them, even if they are already familiar with Western-type tanks, the entire reason Ukraine needs new tanks is that its old ones got destroyed, which presumably means there aren’t that many people left who can even do this. If it is going to be Westerners, they would be unused to waging battle where instead of them, it is the enemy who enjoys artillery support, air supremacy, satellite reconnaissance, numerical superiority, and technological advantage; and they would also be entirely unfamiliar to the geographical difficulties Donbass tends to exhibit with the changing seasons.

I don’t think NATO is trying to win the war. It just wants to drag it out. NATO needs to be at war all the time. It can never stop being at war.

Thanks Russia for disarming NATO

Isn’t this supposed to be the goal of NATO militaries into the Ukraine proxy? Take out as much Russian firepower as they can. They might as well pump the equipment into Ukraine while they are still fighting, because what’s the point of keeping any.

Well at this point their job is to be participants in their own genocide so…yeah.

Yeah but you just take 50 tanks and cannibalize 10 first to broke for parts, and so on. Lmao US military hardware (and their loaded deals) are so great that even countries buying murican junk end up doing that. Like Poland and the F16

It’s a deadly version of when big companies sign up to a great deal on printers, only to realise that the ink is proprietary and extortionate.

after all these countries have handed over their weapons to Ukraine the US will force them to buy their weapons with an inflated price and exclusive maintenance of American companies, it will be good in the long run these countries will lose military capacity and have expensive and bad equipment

The US only looks incompetent for ‘losing’ $trillions of its military budget while other militaries can account for their spending. When this is all over, the US will be able to say, ‘look: every country loses a few $billion here or there’. Meanwhile, all the middle-men and -women will not need to turn on their heating because their houses will be warmed enough just by rubbing their hands together watching the cash roll in.

(For reference, search for ‘US cannot account for trillions defence budget’. Estimates range from $1–21 trillion that the Pentagon has ‘lost’.)

Apparently Zelenskyy is getting all pissy bc Germany’s not wanting to send tanks right away

He wants a German whip.

He really does need a whip for a good 24h non-stop lol

You’re a Kirby with Whip, surely you can do the job lmao.

That would be satisfying lmao

I guess nobody told him Germany has like two functioning tanks.

There was a report recently that even if Germany decides to send tanks, they won’t be ready before 2024.

The German military is absolutely useless. The kit doesn’t work and the soldiers are right wing extremists. It’s in such bad shape that the €100B in additional military funding approved in 2022, more than double the standard annual budget, won’t even suffice to get the Bundeswehr into fighting shape.

Brian Berletic of the New Atlas does a pretty great breakdown of this kind of stuff. Each package that Ukraine gets becomes more and more measly. The US is even asking it’s Latin compradors to donate their soviet/ Russian weapons so they can in turn be replaced with western ones 😂.

As it turns out, the US is only willing to lose so much of its stockpiles.

It’s fucked in many ways. They see Ukraine as a black hole that absorbs their old stockpiles. But no, it’s not like that, it’s a warzone. These weapons are being used to kill people, they don’t just disappear into thin air.

Idk I find that argument a bit strange. Is Ukraine better off without tanks than with them? Not having any tanks on the front would ease Russian logistics in a massive way too, but nobody would say tanks are a detriment to Russia because of this.

Sure, Ukraine’s AF are a messy ass hodgepodge and a logistical nightmare. But a logistical nightmare with armor is still better than one without armor I’d say. These weapons will just be less effective because of the logistics not ineffective. They’ll still kill Russians and prolong the war and that’s their purpose after all.


Ukraine is “better off” with these Western weapons, but they will be unable to do what they are supposed to do (they’re not too good anyway) due to logistics; hence, the Westerners are giving away very expensive and almost irreplaceable weapons to accomplish nothing. The loss to the West is not justified by Ukraine’s meager gains from this donation.

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