Wait, what?

@ray lol :D

wtf xD

Why not just ban it


So the state where it is understood that you can trade beads for boobs while wasted af is the first to stop you from seeing boobs in private in your home? I am starting to wonder if any of the lawmakers own stock in (or is getting donations from) VPNs. lol, the part about it being required for sites with 33.3% or more porn is a weird metric to sus out. Does it also include adult text stories?

Editing to add the following Would the 33.3% adult content also include stories that are all text and no images or other media? If so, then a lot of fanfiction sites will also need to be checking IDs in Louisiana. Which would be kind of funny. At which point is it considered “adult” instead of “art”? It could be argued that sites like Twitter and Instagram could have enough posts that qualify to be 33.3%. Also would sites with lots of gore or violence (anything ranging from accidents that were really bad all the way through stuff like conflict zone footage/pics) count? Given that ultra-violence is often allowed but seeing consensual boobs is automatically cut/censored, I imagine the violent stuff will be ignored.

then gov officials read the list…late at night

…or use a VPN

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