A good overview of the state of hydrogen production. TLDR, over 90% of hydrogen is produced using fossil fuels at the moment.



The nice thing about hydrogen being that once you have a hydrogen powered vehicle, it doesn’t matter where the hydrogen comes from. Grey hydrogen or green hydrogen, it works the same. It’s much the same as with grid power. When you can separate pollution from the vehicle, you can later reduce that pollution at a single centralized source rather than a million smaller sources.

I agree that switching to hydrogen or any other battery technology helps centralize the problem of energy production. However, even this needs to be considered in the context of the total emissions involved in the lifecycle of the vehicle. For example, production of electric cars has a significant environmental cost associated with it. This cost is amortized over many years of use of the vehicle. So, simply building millions of electric cars would actually make the situation worse in the short term. The real solution has to be to move away from such heavy reliance on cars in the first place, and start investing in public transit instead.


This company looks like ‘technology will fix everything’ startup. I could be wrong. Feels really hyping over final product idea and no concrete idea of needed infrastructure/cost. I don’t take planes, not sure how much of it is really needed. I wouldn’t mind avoid the awful pollution made by planes over cities, have 0 trust/hype about those project.

In the end this isn’t even the main environment problem we are facing. There are many easier and more impactful changes that could be made with less resources : energy, food, materials.

Planes are necessary to some level unless human civilization is to regress. I love trains, but they can’t cross an ocean or fly to the other side of the world in a day. People won’t give up flying, so at a certain point technology needs to step in to make a fix. Technology can’t fix everything, but it can sure help.

I believe it when I see it.

It’s probably possible, but even if, airplane business is not only about fuel.

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