There should be a website with the answer to this type of question. Sort of like all the “joinmastodon” style sites, but a “bootlinux” one. You choose the make and model and you get the instructions.

You need to set the boot mode into your Flash Drive before rebooting - in my PC it’s the F2 key for boot menu.

If you don’t change the boot mode it will always boot into the default OS that came with the manufacturer.

Switching to Linux using the Mint installer shouldn’t be hard at all. Don’t try using Windows options to do it, duh.

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If Windows commands the Manufacturer boot menu, that’s really a problem.

Sorry if you’ve already done this, but did you follow this step of the tutorial?

As your computer reboots, you should see a message telling you to press a certain key to access the Boot Menu (usually something like F12). If not, you’ll see a key to enter Setup (often Delete). Press one of those keys, and look for the option to boot from the inserted USB drive.

Different computers can use different keys to enter the boot menu. A good move might be to search your PC model name (I.e. “Acer nitro”) and the phrase “boot menu hotkey.”

Another way might be to go into the Windows settings, user Update & Security - Recovery, and press “Restart Now” under Advanced Startup. This will reboot the PC, and bring you a menu where you can boot from different devices.

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Actually, looks like I forgot a step. At least on my computer, I had to hit Ctrl-S on this screen of the UEFI before the option to change my SATA mode was even displayed. Sorry if this doesn’t help.

It used to be much easier. The tools have gotten better over time, but about ten years ago it was a much simpler, if slower, process. Disabling RST needs be done in the UEFI menu you can access through the Advanced Restart in Windows. The menu item goes by a couple different names, and it can be in different places depending on the model and brand of your PC. Sorry if that was not much help. On mine, it was under Storage in the UEFI, and I needed to toggle it from “RAID” to “AHCI”.

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