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…Where’s Joe’s hand…?

(for context that is Zelenskyy’s wife)

Saying the quiet part out loud

The Ukrainian media now claims that Putin is literally dead for the #2349587th time. May he rest in peace until 3 hours from now when he makes another public statement.

the Russians have clearly been importing Juche Necromancy™ Pills from the DPRK


she says the climate crisis is will be solved if we had the same population as 500 years ago. (population then was 500 million). what the fk?

Unpopular opinion but if we murdered everyone who suggested culling humanity we might actually be fine climate-wise. The neoeugenicists belong to the world’s top 10%, if not 5%, of polluters. Per capita, they have no equal.


Paradoxically this means you’ve got to go as well

Fair, fair

“what no theory does to a mf” – V.I. Lenin, probably

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Who downvoted the poor bot?

how much is jack straw responsible for iraq wmd nonsense?

What’s happening in the US? I know that a guy got killed by the police, he was black and the policeman that he killed him too, are there riots like when George Floyd was killed? Just tryna make sense of the memes I’m seeing lmao

That basically happens every Tuesday at this point

So, when Ukrainian sources claim that the Russians have been driven back from Ugledar by a “massive counterattack” that never happened, it’s just the “fog of war”, but when a Russian twitter user predicts that a city will fall in 24 hours but it actually a few extra days, its “lying”?

I’m reasonably sure that, by definition, a prediction cannot be a lie

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Saw some absolute outrageous shit on Dutch state news some moments ago.

They interviewed a Russian couple that survived Leningrad because of the anniversary of its liberation by the Red Army. The woman just spat out: ‘you see Ukrainians on tv with swatsikas glorifying Nazis and suddenly we Russians are the bad guys?’

Absolute scenes, I nearly spat out my coffee.

wish i could see it

any coding comrades here?

Larry ellison donated $15 million dollars to Israel military. Now i have serious concerns regarding oracle and jvm. What are your thoughts on that?

He’s a billionaire capitalist, I’d be surprised if he didn’t fund at least one terrorist organization. If you need to use the JVM, OpenJDK may be developed in part by Oracle, but at least it’s open-source

but there is still a lot of oracle influence in it related to language design etc. even in openjdk

in Java, yes, but you can also use a language that isn’t designed by Oracle (e.g. Clojure), even if it shares some common features

i currently use scala with openjdk (even scala logo is changed due to the war, it’s so cringe). why can’t they keep politics out of this?

of course rich hickey is great.

Oh right mastodon exists. I sort of forgot about it for a few months.

Smartest American journalists be like

By Gawd, not the good red-blooded AMERICAN BOIS!

Why doesn’t China lift employment restrictions for foreigners I want to live there aaaa I want to escape the hell called Europe

Are you sure you have the skills to contribute?

That’s the thing, you can work there only if you’re a “western expert” and it’s hard to be one

if you want to see a shit show on orange site. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=34547294

this is R*ddit-tier idiocy

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