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But-but some armchair military expert on quora told me that nothing short of a direct hit from a battleship cannon is capable of destroying an Abrams. 😢

Well tbf it did deflect that missile. It would have otherwise kept going straight but the tanks sure put a stop to that.

The tank armour did a good job of deflecting the missile INTO the ammunition compartment.

I really want to say anti tank missile. Sorry.

Nah, your good man. Anti tank missile is one of those funny little words that the brain just wants to say with no logical explanation.

There is also how the tank itself ended up making itself useless… it made me chuckle. It would be like one guy protecting his friends from a water balloon barrage, but the water ends up on everyone anyway.

Does anyone know why the missle is flying so erratically?

My guess is that ATGMs look like that when viewed from behind (Kornets, Javelins, etc. look like that too), and also because the missiles spin midair, like bullets. IDK

It’s actually not flying erratically, if you look at the smoke trail it is flying in an off center corkscrew manner, which is a intentional design choice in the Kornet ATGM for guidance and control purposes.

This is because missile systems need to be stable enough to fly straight towards a target, but unstable enough to be controlled and steered by an operator. The off center spiral gives it both of these qualities as the spin stabilizes the missile like a bullet, while the off center rocket nozzles gives it the instability for steering.

That’s why you can see the missile jerk violently and then straighten out completely in the last few moments before impact. The operator was actively steering the missile into its terminal trajectory.

That’s absolutely mental, I was not aware of that. How does the operator communicate with the missle? Is it wireless?

There are many different ways to communicate with a missile, but most ATGMs are either wire guided or use a laser “beam rider”.

The Kornet uses the beam rider method in which an operator “paints” the enemy vehicle with a laser designator which tells the missile via radio waves what target to lock onto and what course to maintain. As the missile nears is target the operator can move the laser point to further aim the missile. This can either be done by an operator manually or by an automatic firing system, which “talks” with a radar system in the missile that compares data from the receiver and missile to tell the missile how close it is to its target, when it needs to begin its terminal approach, and any other information that the missile needs to factor in.

So basically yes, there is a radar device in the launcher, and radar device in the missile that communicate. The missile is telling the receiver what it sees, and the receiver guides the missile in.

This is also what radar jamming focuses on stopping. The countermeasure detects the missile and receiver, and attempts to flood the radio waves the receivers on the missile and launch platform are using to communicate, to “confuse” the missile.

Thank you for the insight!

Either it’s got sensitive controls - i.e. the guiding laser is wobbling - or it’s a programmed thing to dodge countermeasures. My bet is on the former

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Lmfao at all these armchair generals who think tanks present a challenge to a guerilla groups, let alone a modern Russian army.

2006 Lebanon was literally a refutation.

I mean, a tank is a threat to guerilla groups, unless they have RPGs or ATGMs. And even then - modern tanks have systems for detecting being getting aimed at with laser targeters. And they have longer range. And never travel alone (unless the commanding officer is a moron).

Any tank is better than no tank. But at the end of the day war is a numbers game. Ukraine started with over a thousand tanks and lost most of them. Russia still has many thousands and can make many more. A few hundred western tanks will be annoying and prolong the fighting for a few more months but will not change the balance of power or the trajectory of the war.


The copium comments to that post lol

They claim that those shots only involve “destroying the ammo box” but the crew stays alive due to compartmentalization without explaining how the tank is supposed to function without ammo. Peak liberal logic

Easy: The tank commander summons his comically large bayonet and puts it on the tanks gun. Then they do a bayonet charge.

LAPD battering ram.

They are going to use the power of ZELENSKY and the AMERICAN EAGLE to EPICALLY DRIVE the tank into the Russians orks, SLAVA UKRAINI!

lol I saw those comments and was thinking “okay… then what?” like, yeah the crew is still alive but what are they supposed to do now that their ammo exploded? And do they think the enemy will just fire once and that’s it?

The crew could leave? Provided the tank is still mobile

There is no way a tank could sustain a catastrophic ammunition detonation like that and still have the engine operational. Protecting the crew is understandable, but the crew and engine both is absurd.

yea that’s what I mean, like the tank would be forced to leave the battlefield

The crew could be put into a different tank and continue fighting, as opposed to becoming red smears

This is assuming they have more tanks.

Never mind the ammo itself, what about the ammo box? The tank won’t be able to hold ammo anymore and will have to be shipped back to the West for repairs, its good as destroyed

Aw come one. Just 1000 km each way. It’ll be back by tomorrow.


It won’t.

I can’t believe it took the world this long to realize that what liberals believe has no bearing on reality or the truth. They can just be bypassed and ignored entirely. Them saying dumb shit like this is proof.

Yikes they are all on the denial level of “anything that isn’t 100% conforming to my view is automatically paid troll and traitor”

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