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Wine 8.0 open-source compatibility layer for running Windows applications and games on GNU/Linux distributions is now available for download.

Nice, what new features does it have? Since proton is based off wine does that mean it will benefit proton as well?

The article highlights some of the bigger upgrades include finalized PE format conversion, upgraded “Windows-like” WoW64 mode plus better Vulkan support. But Wine updating will still require Proton to make changes before these features are included I believe

This is awesome! I wonder if 2023 will actually be the year of the linux desktop lol.

The year of the Linux desktop has been going on for the last few years.

Helix 🧬

Every year is the year of the Linux desktop. I think between around 2010 and 2015 there was a bit of stagnation, but currently my opinion is that the Linux desktop is getting better every iteration. Heck, even Wayland is nearly usable.

I’ve been using Wayland every day for years with no issue (GNOME 3 on AMD graphics).

And the best part is that my OS isn’t actively hostile towards me (Windows) or at least want to control what I do with my computer (macOS).

Helix 🧬

I honestly don’t believe that you didn’t have a single issue in years. That would mean you didn’t have any crashes and bugs at all.

@Helix @Berserkware yeah finally we can get rid of that old X11. its crazy how long time that took :D

Helix 🧬

Not quite though, there’s still lots of stuff missing, e.g. forwarding via SSH, screenshots of all types of windows, DisplayLink drivers…

See also: (but just because something exists for Wayland, doesn’t mean it works well)

That’s an interesting website with good info. Thanks for the link.
Would SSH forwarding even be possible with the more restrictive architecture?

Helix 🧬

Well, you’d probably have to find some clever way to do it. As Wayland doesn’t use the server architecture X11 does it’s probably pretty hard to plug a local display in a foreign computer with Wayland. Let’s see what the future brings.

@shreddy_scientist @Berserkware It’s doing good progress for sure. I think we are in general going more and more towards open source and decentralization.

@shreddy_scientist The Wine project is a very ambitious project. There are many pieces which need to fit in the puzzle. Well done.

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