It isn’t even about privacy for me. The ability to control my appliances remotely just adds no value. Why would I bother? It is an opt in process so I imagine other people think the same way and just don’t take the extra set up steps. Put security and privacy concerns on top of that and I’m not even curious to try.

Wow, the general public is smarted than I thought they were.

Internet-connected smart appliances are almost universally a bad idea. In some cases it is just extra features (like remote phone notifications when a laundry cycle ends) but it almost always involves tracking and vulnerabilities that you don’t way.

If there was a good local protocol I would be much more eager, but until Thread catches on it doesn’t really seem like there are great options.

I have everything set up with ZigBee, homekit, a few wifi devices, and home assistant, and it works great! Home assistant acts as a homekit hub, so I don’t need any apple devices and it all stays local. Kasa smart switches from TP-Link can be set up for local control with a CLI, so you don’t even need an app. ZigBee is all local anyway.

The only device I have that calls home is a Frigidaire dehumidifier. I have it on a separate wireless VLAN, and I have every site blocked except the one that it needs to communicate with their API. It’s not perfect, but it’s okay for now while I look for a replacement.

Can’t speak for everyone, but I only connected a smart TV to my Wi-Fi network once and regretted it immmediately. Why? After that, it wouldn’t forget my wireless password and kept connecting to the internet, even though I didn’t want it to. That is why I’m never connecting another smart device to my network again, unless I’m double-dog sure I want to.

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