More Weapons to Kiev From Berlin Against German People's Wishes

"Against the wishes of the German population, or the majority of Germans, the government decided to send more weapons to Ukraine," the Mexican President said.

tf is our government doing, it’s been 78 years, if you’re still mad you lost then go find another hobby ffs

Can’t wait for the reactionaries in mexico to make this such a big deal and criticize it lmao.

Here we have the Mexican government speaking up for German sovereignty.

Get ready for Guardian thinkpieces about the Zimmerman Telegram and the German far right.

Sounds like Mexico needs some FREEDOM ™

Yeah, seems those CIA fucks responsible for maintaining Mexico’s freedom from order and prosperity been slacking. Why the fuck is a president speaking for the country instead of a council of drug cartel bosses anyway? It’s an outrage.

There was some big fire fight earlier this month. AMLO caught El Chapo’s son.

It was earlier last year that AMLO broke the Cuban embargo with Military Naval ships. That’s a military challenge to the US. It might have been two years ago. It was over shipments of rice from Mexico and Vietnam whenever Cuba was having a hard time.

AMLO also went around all of South America and told the leaders of the Various nations that they needed to prepare the collapse of the US empire.

AMLO snubbed the US by not attending the organization of American States or whatever its called.

He didn’t recognize the coup in Venezuela.

Oh yeah, and he nationalized the lithium.

At least the Mexicans (first gen) in the US really love him. The Civil war with the Cartel was controversial in Mexico. I think its a “don’t kick the hornet’s nest” situation.

I think that it’s important to recognize that Mexico is a really big country that isn’t very easily challenged or dismissed. They’re tired of having they’re country sold to the North. AMLO is very popular, and they know who Pancho Villa is. At least respecting the Mexican restaurant here with a giant portrait of Pancho Villa.

To add to this list, saved evo morales’s life as well.

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