Internationalism is when you eat the bugs and live in the pod.

KiG V2

“Internationalism” is when you let foreign enemies barrage your citizens with psychologically manipulation and extract all their wealth, duh.


Internationalism: letting the United States do whatever the hell it wants, anywhere it wants, any time it wants.

No Davos man

So he’s not a hereditary bourgeoisie with an inflated sense of personal importance who saw the conspiracies about illuminati and thought “hey that sounds fun”?

She spelt imperialism wrong. China is committed to internationalism, Davos is committed to imperialism

Internationalism my way. We all know China is the biggest exporting country and is hard at work building its new silk road. The silk road was not only an international project, but it was the first internationalism. These people are such fools they aren’t worth paying attention to.


first internationalism


Interestingly, China is much more committed to some parts of the current international system than the US. You’ve probably all heard discourse over “rules based international norms”—which is international relations lingo for whatever suits the US at that particular moment—and international law which is much more based in international institutions and agreements between nations. China supports international law quite extensively, if you look at Chinese discourse on international issues they stress international laws and mutual agreements, while the US always mentions its “norms”.

In fact, if you’ve seen the latest wandering earth movie which just came out during Chinese new year in theaters, you would notice—among a plethora of other differences—that it’s very international and has the UN as the basis for a sci-fi world governing body. The movie as a whole is also very international, while it follows what happens in China, people from other countries speak their own languages, and there is a larger story than just what occurs in China. In the movie there is a very different message focused on cooperation and sacrifice for the greater and common good, as opposed to US individualist exceptionalism in superhero movies where only the goings on of North America are mentioned.

Quasi movie review assise—it really is worth the watch for any comrades reading—Beijing does champion internationalism, just a different one from the imperial core. While US “norms” are essentially excuses for US imperialism, China supports mutually beneficial projects and mutual agreement. If you want to see the different in position and rhetoric, I recommend reading some of the Global Times. It’s Chinese news that is more expressive of government ideas and plans than other news Chinese which is more strictly informative. Global Times also sometimes has excellent analysis.

I haven’t gotten around to watching the Wandering Earth films just yet but the book is incredible. It’s “just” a collection of short stories, but the Chinese author’s (Cixin Liu of Three-Body fame) perspective on possible futures and critiques of the present is so refreshing.

GT claps hard. Their snark towards the west makes me feel warm inside.

LMAO I love how out of touch these people are to think that it would be seen as a negative.

you’ve got people across the spectrum freaking out about Davos. They’re aspirational plans are nightmare fuel. But I guess for the elite they’re like the TED talk of TED talks. Put a Chip in my brain, feed me worms, make a passport that makes a joke out of my privacy, put permissions on my money and take those permissions away if I misbehave. We’ll have nothing and be happy in the Davos Future. The shit they talk about makes blade runner and F451 look utopean.


I’m kind of enjoying how people have been roundly mocking this year’s convention.

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