your brain (maybe not open source)

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34M chat is ready to use , not sure if openai based

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I enjoy as it doesn’t require an account and doesn’t recall previous sessions. It’s built on OpenAI yet it’s not open sourced. To quote the founder of StabilityAI, the “toughest part of open chatGPT creation (aside from millions of bucks for RL bit) is the governance aspect…The nice thing is once all the blood sweat and tears go into creating the models and frameworks they can proliferate like crazy as a new type of dev primitive.”

There is are a few options on GitHub which could use help though. OpenAssistant, trlX, and PaLM + RLHF seem to have the most potential. Hopefully there will be a few options in the not to distant future.

Ask chatGPT… it will help you figure that out and install it

There is stable diffusion which is amazing, but it’s for image generation and not text.

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