I’ve been wondering about these questions for a while now but the docs were scarce.

  1. Does loading an image (cache/thumbnail) from external hosting takes up any server storage? UPD: yes, it does If so, is it cleaned up when original image deleted?
  2. Do (internally hosted) “orphan” images (not linked to any post/comments) get deleted?
  3. Any recommendations for image hosting? Preferably freemium+donation based, open source, able to keep spinning until end of times – all that jazz
  4. In relation to creating posts on lemmiverse: any hints for streamlined workflow uploading images to external hosting? (bookmarklets, scripts, custom frontends)
  5. Are there any promising Lemmy initiatives for optimizing storage usage?

Got any questions of your own about image hosting? Let’s hear it


Regarding 1.:

It seems that even if a picture is hosted externally (for example via imgur), local instance still caches the picture in its original quality…

For example in this very post the picture is hosted on imgur but beehaw preloads it in original quality, which could be seen in link of preview https://beehaw.org/pictrs/image/96878b21-2474-491c-a691-be8c4151d71f.jpeg


https://postimages.org/ https://lutim.lagout.org/ https://catbox.moe/ https://gelbooru.com/

if you find anything promising let me know, i’m also looking for more

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