I seem to remember hearing somewhere that this was the original design.

It was on the internet, though, so take it with a couple grains of salt.

No offense, but mixing the GDR emblem with the German Imperial Flag gives mixed messages and will likely confuse most people. (And might probably get appropriated by Nazbols too)

Looks pretty cool tho

Yeah… not a fan, blud.

Why not? It doesn’t actually have anything to do with the German Empire. I just dislike yellow on yellow, like in the original flag

If that’s the reason it’s really bad. The Red, white, and black flag is flown by nazis at demonstrations

Eh, it literally is a defaced version of the 2nd Reich flag though? Those colours are not traditional German colours, they were invented for the German Empire specifically to avoid the black-red-gold which was seen as too populist, the colours are a combination of Prussia (black&white) and the hanseatic league (red&white).

I’d say a better option to deal with the problem you have with the emblem is to add a slightly thicker border around the emblem - I think it technically has one on this image, but it’s so thin it disappears at this scale.

To be honest I can’t actually believe this was their real reason for making it because if your reasoning wasn’t ‘political’ and you only had an issue with the colours relative location, I don’t think it’s plausible you just happen to pick the flag nazis fly at demonstrations…

eh it was fine

What does it represent?

I just made the emblem smaller, removed the yellow stripe and rearranged the stripes because I didn’t like how the wheat sheaf looked on the bottom yellow stripe in the original ddr flag

The Black, Red, Yellow has a pretty lame background. It supposedly represents the colours of the three centrist parties which created the German Republic under Ebert. The Weimar government was an anti communist state who lead to the creation of the nazis. So it’s right to be critical of that, but replacing it with the colours you have chosen basically looks like an actual Nazbol to anyone in the know. The background flag is flown by nazis in Germany today, because the swastika is forbidden they use that flag. I think a lot of people with German antifascist experience will recognise that. So I would say retire this one

I think you’re a little too harsh on the Weimar republic. You’re right that it fell to the Nazis eventually, but until 1933 it was the most progressive time that Germany had experienced up to this point. Of course, the system was littered with exploits since it was Germany’s first attempt at democracy, it was filled to the brim with corrupt conservatives and nationalists who wanted it to fail, and it was doomed from the start because of Britain’s and France’s high demands for reparations after the war, but in some places (labour, religion, sexual) it still had better laws than the FRG; and because the Nazis hadn’t gone to work on it yet, it was actually the main cultural and academic superpower in the world, having spawned both quantum mechanics, relativistic cosmology, and modern theatre.

‘Weimar Republic was progressive’ is a propaganda take by Germany to make them feel like the nazis happened in isolation. Your understanding of the Weimar Republic isn’t materialist. Rather than talk about quantum mechanics which had no impact on the workers, you could talk about how the SPD killed Karl and Rosa and wiping out communists to make sure that there was no chance of a workers state. And look what it led to… So anyway I would say I’m not being hard on the Weimar Republic

I am not saying Weimar was absolutely progressive, just by German standards. In German history, the 1920s Weimar state wasn’t exceptional in its hatred of communism and its infiltration by fascists in the military and the secret service. However, I think the difference is that communists were a greater threat to the system than ever before or since, and they managed to achieve things in Weimar which wouldn’t be thinkable in Western Germany until many decades after the Nazis: In terms of labour, workers in the Weimar republic had won the right to only work five 8-hour-days a week, a right that wasn’t won back in the West until 1994, the same year in which homosexuality was relegalised (which was legal in Weimar to begin with). In terms of religion, the Reichskonkordat established between the Catholic church and the Nazis is still valid to this day, which is why German pupils still are forced to attend religious education, the church can still levy its own taxes, and church properties still enjoy special protection.

uh… the black-red-gold dates back at least to the revolutions of 1848, it was adopted by Weimar Germany specifically to create a historical legitimacy for them by tying them back to the radicals and the students movements and so on, any supposed interpretation with their political parties is a later invention if anything.

Was wondering this as I wrote it. I know there’s a few interpretations, also something about yellow being wheat… Thanks for this context thought.

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bigger one

Awesome 👍

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