Numerous mainstream media outlets have reported that the US military is preparing for war on China, as soon as 2025. Japan is re-militarizing and collaborati...

Numerous mainstream media outlets have reported that the US military is preparing for war on China, as soon as 2025. Japan is re-militarizing and collaborating closely in these war plans.

I used to be in the military and…yeah. This event is treated as an eventuality. Which is pretty insane to me because our leaders know we can’t beat them. Launching a war with the actual strongest military on the planet is a losing gamble.

So what’s their plan? Just end all life with nukes?

Scariest thing is that yeah, with failing state and nukes they might decide that they are gonna gambit at keeping their world hegemony even if that world is gonna get much worse and smaller - like the fucking Caesar pointing at village and saying “I would rather be first here than second at Rome”. Or outright go “Apres moi, le deluge”.

And even if not, we never before had failed state with nukes, amount of bad things that can happen are endless.


Reminds me of that scene in Doctor strangelove where all the generals are discussing their plans for the post-nuclear world.

Luckily tho, not all empires go out with a bang(Rome, Britain, Spain). Due to the strong economic ties that China consciously built with the US, US capitalists know its not in their overall interest, so nuclear war is probably not going to happen.

We also see that the US, like the bully it is, is only willing risk conflict with countries that aren’t a real threat.

The US will go like Britain… a long, pathetic, whiny decline into irrelevance.


I hope so

And even if not, we never before had failed state with nukes

Does 90’s Russia count?

Not really, the state fallen, but it wasn’t free fall, it was purposeful dismantling of the system. There was no civil war, government didn’t lost control over army, and the vultures were acting more or less in concert. West was also uninterested in that, they wanted a compliant victim to loot with minimal effort and to fulfill their end of history scenario.

I have no idea how exactly USA will fall, but it will fall under its own weight.

I agree overall, with the exception for the civil war part. Wars between Armenia and Azerbaijan? Between Kirgystan and Tajikistan? Between Georgia and Ossetia? Current war in Ukraine? They are all civil wars of the USSR

There was no civil war involved in fall of USSR, those are years later and are caused by USA losing its grip on the ongoing process of keeping Russia down.


this cold war is quickly turning into a hot war

what is the us going to do? invade a country with nukes? no, most likely they’ll force the roc to abandon that name and renounce all ties to china, triggering china’s red line.

If we go by the average logic of their chickenhawks “just nuke them lul”

I think the insanity of it all is what is most terrifying. We don’t really know the line imperialists are not willing to cross when it’s all on the line and all available tools are on the table.

Throughout US history, if the US military has been in a position to commit atrocity and get away with it, they have done it. Right now it is rules that are set up to benifit the US that keeps its sharpest fangs from being used. When that is no longer tenable we just don’t know what will happen. Luckily China is on great terms with Russia to even out the nuke disparity.

I know we have posted before about China’s increasingly superior military tech. Do we have some good sources for me to reference when some Chud in my family inevitably starts going off on the “US military da best we will crush the [insert racist word for Chinese people]” bullshit? I know the J35 will dunk on any US jet at this point, and I know they have some nice new naval ships as well that the US had to copy because it was so much better than anything we had. Just not exactly sure where to find all this. I like to able to had a crushing victory when I start ripping their arguments apart because all THEY know is “Murica best everyone else weak and bad.”

The logic itself is already laughable, they spent decades desecrating the middle east only to end up running with their tail between their legs. They and their dogs were pushed back by Vietnam and China back in the 50s and 60s-70s.

And now they suddenly will wipe the floor not one nuclear armed state, but two? These conservatives/libs and their silly racial/moral superiority complex.

You can tell the U.S. military is more or less a paper tiger by the way they have projected this onto the Russian military.

Just a bluff to weak chinas economy

China and Russia better take care of NATO fascist threat once again after WW2, but this time its not just one little Germany.

Doesn’t matter. Fascists lose at the end. Don’t they?

They will! But what makes them so dangerous is their willingness to take the rest of humanity with them.

Numerous policies in the past few years indicated that 2025 would be the deadline in which some kind of conflict with China would have to happened.

According to multiple studies in the west, especially those from fucking Rand corporation, 2025 is the absolute latest where any potential war between the West and China would deal more damage to China than United States. After that point, Chinese economy, technological base, and military power would increase to the point where they would outgrow the US in any conditions, even a full scale war between two nations would not bring the US back to dominant position.

Those studies were made as far back as 2015. It’s now 2023, and several things didn’t really went in their favor for the last few years, so you can understand why they’re a bit desperate at this point.

So we got at best two years to live, Huh?

I hope the US leadership isn’t so nuts to invade a nuclear superpower, but I’m not expecting it from the US

Not long before the current shitshow in Ukraine began and pushed all other news back, USA had sent a submarine into Russian far east (this area). Their justification was not recognizing the area as Russian territorial waters past a 12 mile zone,and thus claiming it was neutral/Japanese waters.

They might well try a provocation like this with China, sending a carrier group to Taiwan or those disputed isles and essentially daring China to make them leave.

Right after that kangaroo court thing with the disputed islands in 2016, the US plan was to push their carrier groups straight into the disputed region and expected the PLAN to retreat and lose a tremendous amount of face.

Those carriers very suddenly turned around and backed off, turns out they were already locked on by missiles on the mainland. They were this damn close to kicking off a conflict. Sooner or later these fuckers are going to start something that might take the whole world down with them.

That’s exactly the kind of shit I am talking about. Looks like they’ve rehearsed it already

I’d agree, america will do the same thing to china what it did to russia, put them in a position where they are forced to react

I’m skeptical that China would “take the bait” so to speak. China usually takes the high-road.

I’d hate to see what’s going to happen to our diaspora in the west, we might end up in the camps again.

We’re already starting to see it

Death to America

Hey, our “leaders” are certainly under performing but America is still one of the the few remaining free nations out there.

I hope you’re sarcasric here

Ayjan Ibrahimov

F*ck Your Democrazy , you blood sucker . !

Good one.

Death to Amerikkka.

I almost spit out my coffee. You’re funny.

Ayjan Ibrahimov

الموت الأمريكا !!!


Free to commit untold attrocities. Free to commit genocide. Free to commit crimes against humanity. Free to commit war crimes.

May America die in my lifetime.

Do you mean, ‘free to bomb the fuck out of the rest of the world’. Thankfully that’s changing.

The thing is if US really wants war there’s nothing China can do to convince them otherwise, Americans gets no say in what their government do and the common people are going to suffer. But at the end of the day China has increased their military budget for this exact reason, they won against the Anglos before when their equipment were decades behind and didn’t have nukes now they are on equal playing field Anglos are going to get their absolute shit pushed in.

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