The Royal Navy ordered an urgent investigation after broken bolts in the Trident submarine's reactor chamber were fixed with glue, the Sun reported.

reported by the S*n, take it with a grain of salt

We live in actual hell

“This is the bad place!”

I understood that reference! (not a common occurence for me)

its a really good show

Yes, it is. I enjoyed it a lot. That’s saying a lot because I rarely enjoy any show.


Reactors held together with duct tape and string.


Who needs to start a war to fund the MIC when you can build shoddy arms and get paid for constant repairs. Unfortunately for the US MIC, they underestimated how tight the Brits are. Or the Brits underestimated what kind of service they’d get after already promising to pay £200 billion.

They’re all in it together. Along with the marketing team and shareholders at Gorilla.

The question is, does Trident come with a bottle of super glue in the tool cupboard or were they only able to fix the bolts at all because some random sailer still had a half empty bottle in his duffle bag from that time he took some with him on a camping trip in case a tent pole snapped?

Let me guess, every lib is gonna scream “But Kursk”.

Kursk, Admiral Kuznetsov, anything really. There was a video on Reddit about the upcoming Russian attack drone project. Several top ranking comments were attempting to be witty with variations of “lel Russian ‘drone’ means dere’s pilot inside honhon”

Also why they don’t even mention when India almost lost their nuclear ICBM sub after they forgot to close the hatch before submerging.

deleted by creator

You never know where and when people can make embarrassing mistakes.

Submarine Engineer 1: “Hmm, should we stop the submarine from submerging if the hatch is open?”
Submarine Engineer 2: “No, it’ll be fine. What could go wrong?”

“But captain, doctor ordered me to sleep near the open window!”

This is just the funniest shit i’ve read all day

Gee, doesn’t that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy

How to make an “advanced” western military:

  1. Make stuff that breaks constantly
  2. When it breaks, fix it with glue
  3. Done. You can now claim you’re better than everyone else because you have an “advanced” military.

It’s “advanced” 10000% markup glue though. It costs more so it’s clearly better.

Hey that normal glue delivered to military by totally not corrupted private company cost 10000% more as the seemingly same glue i can buy in shop, that means it’s 10000% better! Capitalism fuck yeah!

This is why getting into a proxy war with Russia was such a monumental mistake for NATO. All the mythology about the superiority of western weapons is being shattered on the battlefield.

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