no idea where to post it, so i post it to the biggest community. Since the update in this week, when i’m writing a comment, and someone in the meantime write a comment to me when notification pops up, everything i’m writing currently gets completely deleted. Is there some setting to fix this or i would have to resign from even moderately long posts?

deleted by creator

noticed this once as well

Same thing happened to me. I now keep pressing ctrl+a, ctrl+c in case it happens again.

Oh that was an issue back when Lemmy came out too. You can make a report on the git: if it’s not there already

This is a lemmy-ui issue. Looks like already noticed it and opened an issue:

When people suggest reporting an issue on GitHub, is this because it’s a problem only for certain users (and someone on GitHub will suggest a solution for them) or is this how developers keep track of issues? (Maybe it’s both?)

Yeah it’s how they keep track of issues

Thanks. You need account on github though.

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