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Unleash the beast

Unleash the beast


What is it with the US media and their obsession with balloons.

Do any of you remember balloon boy?

Realistically what kind of information can a spy balloon gather that you couldn’t find on Google Maps?

nothing, its a stray weather balloon that got swept away by the winds and any information it could gather is already gathered and made publicly available by the us gov all over the country

Nothing China’s satellites couldn’t gather

There is information. McCarthyist Americans are still trying to find it on Reddit as we speak.

Apparently, “another” one has been spotted over Venezuela; it’s either the same one heading south or another one heading north. Things are currently unclear.

US intelligence be like: “look at this PLA soldier with his dangerous weapon”

Please let it be filled with red paint and burst over the white house.

I’d like it if it were filled with gunpowder and anthrax and burst over the Whitehouse but that’s just me

Lol maybe too explicit for this site

While I understand the sentiment I’d rather not see another war break out. No war but class war. If everyone were to just chill and nobody gives the US any more excuses to pick fights it’ll break up in our lifetimes and we’ll all get to see that repulsive ego crushed under the weight of its collapsing arms industry while its other corporations, starved of any foreign resources or markets to gorge themselves on, turn inwards and start devouring themselves. It’d be wonderful.

No I agree it was just a joke lol


Funniest shit I’ve seen in a while

Imagine shitting your pants over a giant flying ball, r/GenUSA is in super copium wondering why their precious ADs can’t shoot down a fucking balloon. They’re coping by saying that the US actually hasn’t tried to shoot it down because it might harm people below, but on Telegram (intelslava, others) there are videos of American ADs shooting missiles at it and completely missing. Pathetic.

If this is really Chinese balloon, then the US warning system failed successfully. exactly as the Russian drone who flew over 3 NATO countries without being detected last march.

Maybe China is doing some tests on the US soil.

The balloon has been acknowledged by China as theirs. It’s probably not a spy balloon.

sir, a second weather balloon has hit the World Trade Center

Fat Balloon, the successor of Fat Boy

1957: America panics over Sputnik

2023: America panics over a stupid balloon

Man, have the fascists gone soft

You should be understanding. The governments of European immigrant governments in the USA and Canada could no longer free ride on the enslaved Indigenous children in the largest slave camps in human history that is called the “Indian Residential Schools” for 30 years now. They now cannot brainwashed the enslaved children to surrender all the properties and lands of their landowning parents to the parasitic white immigrants and they could no longer conduct lethal experimentations on the Indigenous children to assess the danger of the gas from the balloon explosion on human health. If the ballon explosion did cause damage to mental health institutions, then they could not lock the displaced white deliquents, white thugs, and white pedophiles in the fake schools where the white slave drivers can receive welfare from child labor and a harem of sex slaves.

They are just hamming it up like the narcissists they are. The country that drones weddings across the world whining about a balloon.

I do not have any sympathy for Anglos who enable or propagate this shit while acting ignorant of committing revolution against their state, but it worries me a bit. How will people like American citizens ever recover from this, if they even manage to? They are so blind and do not even want to wake up.

This balloon thing is honestly one of the most ridiculous things they have pushed in a while. Like seriously, ham radio nerds will form groups and send up these weather balloons all the time. Why the fuck would China need a weather balloon to do what they, more than likely, already have satellites doing?

The thing is, most people already know what a satellite is and that it poses no risk to them. A weather balloon is not as common knowledge and can be inflated by the media


inflated lol


It shows how the rich Western European diaspora had become so dependent on authoritarian media for their knowledge of the world contrary to their claim that they are a nation of enlightened democratic isekai heroes.


Let’s góooooo

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