Yes and it’s hella colonialist to not pay massive reparations immediately.

I think that start paying reparations is quite pointless. Imagine all countries in only Europe having to pay reparations not only to their ex-colonies but also among them for past wars.

Colonialism is pure garbage, but just paying won’t fix nothing. We need to learn history about how it was and why it’s bad to never repeat the same mistakes, or at least know when your government is doing shit.

It is when the UK doesn’t a) acknowledge their role in those laws being imposed and b) acknowledge their role in colonialism, which includes paying these various nations for what was stolen from them.

How Britain stole $45 trillion from India And lied about it.

I think it’s a massive slap in the face to every country that was/still is a victim of British colonialism to lecture them about homophobic laws while leaving one important key detail out of that critique. It’s dishonest and reeks of preachy, hypocritical nonsense.

The UK needs to pay what they owe. Their working class damn sure can’t afford it because they haven’t benefited from British colonialism nearly as much as British oligarchs, so to me the next logical step would be going after British oligarchs.

Half the reason why I just get so bitter about the UK is British citizens’ disgusting unwillingness to acknowledge the true impact of colonialism both in terms of how it came to the detriment of the affected nations and how to came to the massive economic benefit to the UK. The usual "well yes it’s a bad situation but what can ya doOOOoO?" along with a "I agree, the royal family is bad but the Queen is so CUTE!". As someone whose family was directly impacted in a very fucked up way by British colonialism, most British peoples’ attitude on colonialism and the royal family disgusts me.

depends how its done… if it was like “we fucked up, pls don’t continue down this negative road because of our mistakes”*

that could be considered a form of pressure. and maybe not be considered colonialist…? (what do you think if they said it that way?)

there’s about a billion other ways they might pressure, and it would be colonialist.

is it safe to assume its mostly the latter?

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