My relationship with balloon is over. Airship is now my best friend.

Mfs acting like it’s the MOAB from Bloons Tower Defense

Mother of all balloons.


What are the odds that this is completely fabricated wholecloth?

Kirov, reporting!

Bombardiers, to your stations!

Thank you! I made this post hoping that something like this would follow lol

You’re welcome XD

deleted by creator

Posted comment in wrong thread.



99 Luftballons sing

The US needed something to sell to their brainwashed citizens as a win with how badly they’re getting murked in Ukraine

They spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to scramble a jet and shoot down a frigging weather balloon while people cannot afford basic healthcare and struggle to afford food.

The latest 18th century tech!

When you have too many hrs on bloons TD6

You know, the biggest argument against that thing being a spy balloon is this: It is 2023. China has spy satellites just like us, they don’t need a dirigible.

Maybe they’re going for the Zeppelin coolness factor.

hopefully, the cost of the ammunition was more than the “airship”.

Yes, and that’s excluding hundreds of millions of dollars worth of jet fuel

Probably went down like this

Oh, the inanity

It’s only Feb, but this already has to be the dumbest story of the year

Do not underestimate the BBC’s journalistic capabilities like that, there’s gotta be more where that banger came from

I mean…fair point lol. At least people are calling it a weather balloon now if you can believe it

Wow, the US was able to shoot down a balloon that has no weapons and can’t defend itself?? This is so impressive. We truly have the best military in the world. /s

Did they send F-35? In such case the balloon could probably win.

Now I get why the US is so scared



after it flew across the entire country lol

And they’ve had a week, with F-35s and whatnot constantly circling it. They’ve probably burned 1 Billion dollars in air fuel by now, not even joking.

with F-35s and whatnot constantly circling it

lmao the picture of these billion dollar planes circling this balloon while an entire nation of 350mio is coping and seething below is just too hysterical. It’s such a beautiful, absurd allegory for the US as a state

I can hear the voices of chuds in my head cheering and yelling about how they “showed” the Chinese not to mess with burgerland.

This entire country is a circus

Speaking of circuses made me think of Pennywise XD

Stop insulting circuses

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